Meditation for menstrual cramps

Meditation for menstrual cramps 2

Sorry gentlemen, while meditation can benefit anyone and everyone, this one is geared towards the ladies! (Although if you’re a man who has a woman in his life who deals with this issue, you might want to pass this post along to help them out!) Once a month, pretty much […]

Meditation for Drama

Meditation for Drama

It never fails right? You’re having a great day and then someone else’s nonsense blows up in your face and leaves you frustrated and annoyed. Why is that? It has nothing to do with you, but you’re the one left with the fallout. How irritating! No matter how well you […]

How to run in the winter

How to run in the winter 1

I’ve often described myself as a “fair weather runner”. I didn’t do much running in the winter, and I tended to avoid doing much running in the high humidity of summer. After suffering from vertigo and being sidelined, I was so eager to get back out there that I pretty […]

Run highs and run lows

Weekend Highs and Lows + Goals

(Psst! Follow my blog with Bloglovin!) I found a great post idea over at Carrots N Cake that inspires you to note your highs and lows that occurred over the past weekend (I like to stay positive as much as possible so I like the idea of writing more highs […]

Easy Carrot Soup

Easy Carrot Soup Recipe 1

It’s that time of year again, where the leaves change and the temperatures drop, and I start grumbling until about May or June about the weather. I can’t lie, I do think that Fall is beautiful and there are some nice perks to it (I can run without wanting to […]

Me, my previous manager, my friend Suzanne

When your “fun run” ends up a PR

Last weekend I dragged my tired and lazy ass out of bed at the unholy hour of 7 am. Now that’s normal for a week day when I have to get myself ready for work and then get the kids up for school. However, it is not normal for a […]