12 years and counting

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On Tuesday, February 22nd, George and I celebrated 12 years together. What’s kind of funny is that this year I’m the same age that he was back then. I can’t imagine spending this much of my life with anyone else.

To commemorate the day I made a quick and easy supper for the kids and George’s dad came over to babysit them for a couple of hours while we went out for a grown-up meal. You know the kind, the sort of meal where you actually get to eat all of your food while it’s still hot without having to jump up to refill juice glasses, there’s no bickering over who gets which fork/plate/placemat tonight, etc. I had heard of such things but it had been awhile. Not only did we get to eat in peace, we got to enjoy uninterrupted conversation. It’s nice to know that we still remember how to do that!

We went to a restaurant called Table 51 to eat. It advertises itself as being “urban cuisine” and I’m still not 100% sure what that even means, but what I do know is that the food is good. I went there last year with the PPO and was eager to go back.


First up were the appetizers, mini tacos stuffed with delicious lobster. They are so good that I could easily just order a couple of platters and call that a meal in and of itself. Tasty!

Creamy corn soup

Since we chose the pasta of the day for our entree, we also got the soup of the day included with the meal. It was a creamy corn soup and I was mildly skeptical since the only way I generally like corn is when it’s still on the cob and coated in butter and salt. It turned out to be so good that I was kind of wishing I could have a second helping.


The pasta of the day was penne tossed with sundried tomatoes and salmon. I love salmon so much but never make it for myself so I like to eat it as often as possible when I’m out. I had originally intended to try the veggie burger (which is reputed to be amazing and it’s made from lentils, brown rice, and oatmeal, yum!) but as soon as our waiter mentioned the salmon I was convinced to change my mind.


A nice glass of Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon accompanied my food (it was good but I’ll go with Pinot Noir next time) and I was so full by the time I finished my key lime pie for dessert (sadly I neglected to photograph it before eating it) that I couldn’t even finish my wine.


It was a really nice hour out of our day to spend together just enjoying an evening out. I didn’t want to rush straight home so we headed over to Indigo to check out some books which is kind of reminiscent of our first date which involved going to two secondhand bookstores before eating, heading to a movie, and a drink at a bar. I forget which book George got but I finally got myself this book – it’s about time, I’m dying to get started on it.

Since it was a school night we headed home after that and I manged to get the kids into bed only half an hour later than normal. I was far too full of food to do any yoga that evening so we watched a bit of television together and just relaxed. We may not be party animals anymore but it was a wonderful evening.

Seriously, 12 years, sometimes I still can’t believe it!

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7 thoughts on “12 years and counting

  1. Mia

    It’s nice to have a mature relationship filled with respect. Love is also important, but as I see it in the long run respect matters most.

  2. Jessie

    Dozen years over successfully. Great food and I don’t know somehow I don’t like Cabernet but Merlot. Happy Anniversary. Dragonfly In Amber is an exceptional book. Once you begin to read, you will find yourself absorbed immediately.

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