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It had been ages since I had done a photo day in the life post so I thought I would do one on Sunday. I had intended to post them all on Monday but Hayley stayed home from school because she wasn’t feeling well (fever and sniffles, etc) so I put it off until today.

Here’s how my Sunday went.

As much as I’d like to say I slept in until this time on a Sunday, well, no. I had been awake for awhile but I managed to stay in bed by tossing some books to Breanna while I laid there and…


Checked my mail on my iPod Touch. It’s a bit of a compulsion, I have a habit of doing this first thing in the morning before getting out of bed.


Once I finally got up it was time to let Winnie out of her crate and take her out for a potty break, as well as a trot around the (big) block to stretch out her legs.

Morning walk

Reward for stumbling around the block with my eyes at half-mast? Coffee!

Oh yes

Breakfast time! I made waffles for the kids, and that’s my toast you see in the toaster. George took care of his own breakfast, he rarely eats first thing upon waking.

Three breakfasts

Once we’re all done eating, it’s Winnie’s turn. I rarely need to feed the dog since both kids love to do it, especially Breanna.

Puppy breakfast

I made a quick call to my mom; we were going to see my parents in the early afternoon so I just wanted to let her know when to expect us.

Ring ring

Okie dokie, time for me to hop in the shower and get all cleaned up.

Freshening up

I am so low-maintenance with my hair. It’s a bit of a miracle that I use gel at all, and I almost never dry it all the way because my patience levels for fiddling with my hair are way down there. This is why I get the cut I normally do, because it’s very wash and wear.

Hair duties

Bed, all made. It was getting cold at night and I don’t like to leave the heat up overnight, so I threw this sleeping bag over the comforter and it keeps me toasty while I sleep.

Tidying up

Once I was done with everything else, it was time for some primping. This probably looks like a lot but in reality it takes me all of five minutes to put my contacts in, throw on some eye shadow and liner, curl my eyelashes, and slap on a coat of mascara. Again, pretty low-maintenance. More than five minutes of prep time requires a special occasion.


(Alas, the picture I took post-primping was SUPER blurry so I didn’t bother.)

The girl who gave me Winnie said that she loved driving around so we took her for her first drive with us when we went to see my parents. They were very excited to meet her and she was pretty good. She was a bit agitated on the way out but then I realized it was because she wanted to lie down more towards the back, so the drive home later on ended up being much better.

On the way

It wasn’t a particularly great day but at least it wasn’t raining. It was pretty chilly though!

Vroom vroom

One of the reasons we were going to visit my parents was because they still had Hayley’d birthday present waiting for her; it’s just gotten too hard for my dad to manage the four flights of stairs at our place so they weren’t able to come for her party. They got her some plush toys from Club Penguin – both the kids LOVE to play Club Penguin. Hayley was very excited and based on Breanna’s interest, my mom knows what to get her for her birthday next month!


We had a nice visit for a few hours. Then on the way home we stopped for some groceries.

Grocery shopping

George and Breanna went in the store while Hayley and I waited in the car with Winnie. Winnie was not pleased that two of “her people” went in the store, she seemed very nervous as to where they were. She was very happy when they finally came back out.


Putting stuff away.

Grocery duties

Clearly visiting people is EXHAUSTING because as soon as Winnie got upstairs she did this for quite some time.


I threw some vegetables into a pot and got some water boiling to make rice so I could get supper going.


Nom nom nom! General Tao Chicken on basmati rice with some vegetables on the side.

Supper time!

After supper I took Winnie for a good walk and when I came back I found that Hayley had borrowed George’s guitar to practice what she had learned at her guitar lesson last week. I think she’s really going to enjoy this course.


Meanwhile, George and Breanna played with the new foosball game my parents gave us. They had bought it a couple of years ago and only played it once so my mom thought we’d enjoy it more. I love that Breanna’s right up on the table to play!


And while everyone else amused themselves I … well, I washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Whoopee, talk about exciting!

Domestic duties

Once the kitchen was cleaned up it was time for Hayley to hop in the bath and have her hair washed (they get a bath on alternating days because putting both of them in the tub at once usually means more water on the floor than in the actual tub). Then I dried her hair, gave them each a snack, and sent them off to use the bathroom and brush teeth. THEN it was time for them to get into bed.

Nighty night

Bed time!

George had gone to the store and if no one is around to supervise while I put the kids to bed I always put Winnie into her crate (just like I do when we go out or overnight). This saves our shoes, the garbage bag, and the kids’ toys. It’s just a better way to set her up for success – she can’t get into trouble this way. She doesn’t mind the crate and all, and I let her out as soon as I come back out to the living room. Where I get the Crazy Face.


I hate putting school lunches together in the morning so I do as much as I can the night before. I got her drink, snack, and dessert all ready and put them in one spot in the fridge. Her actual lunch was going to be leftovers in her thermos, so I left that for the morning (and then she ended up being sick on Monday so it didn’t matter anyway).

Prepping lunch

With everything tidied up, the kids in bed, and George back home working on some music down the hall, I decided it was time for me to relax with some refreshments, some television, and some blog reading.


Winnie snoozed a bit longer (still worn out from visiting!) but then she rolled around and gave me this face and she was too cute to resist so I played with her for awhile.


Fluff explosion! I went to the kitchen for a minute and in that time she managed to completely un-stuff her brand new toy that my parents gave her. What a goofball.


After one last trip outside to do her business, I put Winnie to bed for the night. Then I headed to the bathroom to take out my contacts, remove my makeup, wash my face, and brush my teeth. Sometimes I wait until I’m so tired that it feels like a huge chore.


I should have gone to bed a little earlier than this since it was a Sunday night but c’est la vie.


Good night!

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14 thoughts on “A day in the life

  1. Victoria

    Hi Sherry, I am one of your joliepittwatch readers, and occasionally come here, too, as I have two young daughters similar in age to yours, and it´s fun to read about your family as it often reminds me of the “chaos” in our own home.

    The reason I´m commenting here, however, is that I have to admit to being slightly aghast at you putting your dogs in a cage at night. A cage?! Is that normal in North America? I am European, and have never heard of anything like that; in fact, it would be considered cruelty to animals over here. Now I know you would never do anything cruel to an animal, but I still can´t help but feel shocked at the sheer thought of locking a dog up in a cage for the whole night.

    I know you don´t mean ill, and maybe it´s common in Canada, but is it really necessary? Our dog just slept in his sleeping corner, and occasionally he wandered off and slept on another spot, but never bothered anyone, and that´s how every dog that I know off sleeps.

  2. Sherry Post author

    Cruel? Absolutely not. She’s only in there for the night, not 24 hours a day. It’s called Crate Training and it’s extremely common.

    It’s certainly better than having a dog peeing, pooping, and destroying everything all over the place while everyone is asleep as most people wouldn’t be inclined to keep a dog very long under those circumstances.

    So yes, it’s necessary. She goes to sleep in there around 11 pm during the week and gets up at 7:30 when I take her out. On weekends it’s even later when she goes in because I’m up later.

    You can read more about it here: http://www.perfectpaws.com/crt.html or by googling it. But it’s definitely not cruel.

  3. Sherry Post author

    Also, it should be noted that the perspective is off in the picture of her in her crate because of my angle. The cage is quite big and she’s able to stand up, move around, stretch, etc., and it’s full of cushions and a blanket for her to stay comfy.

  4. Chris

    Hi Victoria,

    I’m a friend of Sherry’s and you’re right–she’d never, ever, EVER do anything cruel to a pet. It’s actually quite common in Canada and the USA. I’m not a dog owner myself but I know many and I’ve seen it often. Dog kennels (as we usually call them) are spacious and have blankets and toys and the dogs don’t seem to mind. It’s probably recommended by the vet, but I’ll let Sherry weigh in on that.

  5. Lynda

    Great pictures, Sherry! Is Hayley a little rock star with that guitar, or what? I think it’s awesome she’s learning how to play.

    I haven’t read through all the comments, but it’s not your fault some people humanize animals and don’t understand that dogs find comfort and security in their crate. Caging animals 24/7 is cruel. Crating them when they are in a dangerous or insecure environment (like when they are alone) is not cruel; it’s responsible and kind. It’s also unlikely you will ALWAYS need to crate her during these times as the dog gains security and learns the family boundaries. However, you will probably find that she prefers her crate when she sleeps or wants to retreat from the family for a little while.

  6. Victoria

    Hi Sherry, thanks for the explanation, also by your friend Chris. As I said before, I never thought you´d do something cruel anyway, it just seemed so odd to me, because I (and probably 99 % of all people over here) had never heard of something like that before. And therefore it has nothing to do with “humanizing” animals like another commenter wrote. It is interesting to hear how this is obviously normal in Canada. And like you said, if it is quite big and she can move around in it etc., she probably even likes it – it´s “her” room, so to speak. I guess it just takes getting used to the idea! 😉
    Good luck with your dog, she really sounds like a wonderful addition to the family!

  7. Victoria

    My comment was not snarky (like you said on twitter), and I don´t think it came across that way. I made it quite clear that I never thought you´d do anything cruel – but expressed my own shock/being taken aback – not sure how to express it properly in English – at something that seemed extremely strange to me. Anyway, no use to repeat what I said before. Never meant to attack you, certainly was not snarky.

  8. Sherry

    I apologize Victoria. Calling it snarky was just my knee-jerk reaction from feeling like I was being judged unfairly for something that is considered a great way to keep your dog safe. My first dog opened a bathroom door, opened the vanity cupboard in the bathroom, and then chewed up a bottle of hair dye. After learning about crating it just feels safer rather than leaving the home to my dog’s discretion while I’m sleeping of away.

    And, as mentioned above, it’s a cozy place for her. When she’s out she’ll sometimes wander in and nap in there. Most of the time when she’s not in the crate, if she feels tired, she’ll sleep under a table which gives her the same den-like feeling.

    I guess it’s just a cultural difference but I am sorry if I hurt your feelings by saying you had been snarky. As I said, that was just my initial reaction to feeling called out for doing something perfectly normal and for doing something recommended by vets and shelters alike around here.

  9. Victoria

    Sherry, no worries! 🙂 Thank you for your nice words. Yes, I did feel a little taken aback at being called “snarky”, but I totally understand where your reaction came from. Like you said, it is a cultural difference thing, and I guess I have to apologize, too, for maybe not formulating my initial reaction a bit better. Being an animal lover myself, my first instinct was ….”WTF????”, because as I said I never knew about crating. However, at the same time, just by following your blog and occasionally your private blog, I knew that you would not do something cruel, so was puzzled and probably did not express myself too well. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to even reply to me, and let´s just put this whole thing behind us! 🙂

  10. Victoria

    Sherry, no worries :). Thanks for writing back, I totally understand where your reaction came from. As you said it was a cultural difference thing; my first reaction was “WTF????”, and because I knew – just from following your blogs occasionally – you would not be cruel to animals, it didn´t seem to make sense, and that´s why I just had to ask about it. I probably could have formulated it better, too. Anyway, no ill feelings, and thanks for taking all that time to reply to me!! Let´s just forget about it now, and I wish you and your family and your dog well!!!

  11. Victoria

    Ooops, sorry for double post. I didn´t see my first one, so thought it had disappeared. Now I wrote again, and again don´t see my post, so I guess it takes a while for them to become visible.

  12. Issy (alias 007)

    V i c t o r i a — It’s odd for me too to see dogs in cages (we’re both in Europe, you and I), and yes it is harder to express oneself in a comment-field and get the “tone” right 😉

    Who would have thought there are such basic cultural differences — in the pet-section eh? 😛

    S h e r r y — You do have a way with words, love the ” …rather than leaving the home to my dog’s discretion…” Quite amusing.

    As a side note;
    I was digging around my mailbox to find the address to Chaos Theory… only with a bit of luck did I find a message from you somewhere with the blog-URL. Would you mind putting a link up at JPW in your Blog-roll section? Though you might have your reasons keeping your private blog separate from the other one, and if that’s the case, never mind 🙂

    I’ve got the adress of the other blog in my “finger-memory”, but this one just won’t stick. And I do enjoy your style of writing (and the photography-bits), so it would be lovely to be able to click over to this page when visiting JPW…

    Glad to hear Winnie is right at home with her new family and vice versa. Have a nice week!

    Best regards

  13. Sherry Post author

    Issy, that’s a good idea. I don’t know why I didn’t think to add it to the blogroll since I did put it in the “about” section. The blogroll makes more sense though. It’s there now if you need it!

    I think the address is hard to remember because of the stupid .qc in the url. When I registered I really just wanted andromeda.ca but the rules were (at that time) that I had to have the province code as well.

  14. Issy (alias 007)

    Imagine that… the only place I didn’t look for the link was in the About-section… But brilliant! Thanks for putting it in the Blogroll as well.


    Ps. You gave Helena Bonham Carter a run for her money as Bellatrix in the newer post! Only, I suppose you should be happy to know that you tend to look more good natured… as opposed to deranged.


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