A few of my favourite things!

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I found a fun “Favourites” survey over at Carrots ‘N’Cake and couldn’t resist. One of my favourite things is filling out surveys exactly like this!

This one comes from the current issue of Health and were originally answered by Tracey Anderson, fitness star extraordinaire.

Here we go!

Song that amps me up to workout: This is impossible to answer with just one song. I have a few songs that always get me moving, especially if I’m out for a run. One of the obvious ones is “Eye of the Tiger” and yes, that is really on my running playlist. Also, “Runnin'” by Adam Lambert (nothing to do with actual running despite the title, haha), “Stronger” by Britney Spears (I know), and almost anything by JayZ. Strangely, I also enjoy playing JayZ or Justin Timberlake while I do yoga.

Way to eat eggs: Fried and served on a bagel with cheese. Close second would be fried and served on top of toast with mashed avocado.

Podcast: I resisted podcasts for so long but finally gave in, and boy was I missing out. I love Serial, The Moth (hilarious), Everyday Detox, and Ginger Runner.

Kind of date: George and I don’t get date nights too often so it usually means a movie at home or on occasion going out to see him play. The latter doesn’t really count since it’s not much of a date if he’s essentially working, but it’s still fun. Ideal would be going out for an inexpensive dinner and maybe down to the water or to Point Pleasant Park.

App: Instagram and FitBit!

Item in my closet: I have a black hoodie that I’ve owned since 2000, and there is a hole along the seam on each shoulder so it really can’t be worn anywhere but I can’t get rid of it – it’s old and hole-y and frayed but I love it because it’s so comfy!

Gifts to give and receive: Getting gifts is the sort of thing where I’m usually just happy for the thought. I love geek-related gifts (hello technology!) but basically anything that shows that the person thought of my interests makes me happy, whether it’s candles (I love burning candles!) or a gift card for a local book store. As for giving, it’s along the same lines. I don’t have one go-to gift, I like to tailor gifts to the interests of the recipient.

Pizza topping: Cheese (of course), mushrooms, and black olives.

How about you? Tell me some of your favourite things based on the above questions!

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