A great weekend and excitement ahead

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I spent most of last week sick as a dog. Hayley came down with the stomach flu on Thursday night, Breanna got it Sunday, and I was down and out in the wee hours Monday night/Tuesday morning. I was out from work Monday through Wednesday and probably should have stayed home again on Thursday but just couldn’t any longer. George never actually got to the vomiting stage but he was sick enough to feel awful for a few days too. It was great fun around here!

Needless to say, once I got through Thursday and Friday, I was very happy to find myself on the quitting time side of the week and heading into the weekend, mostly because I just wanted to actually enjoy some time off instead of spending it in bed with a bucket on the floor beside me. As a bonus George and the kids came to pick me up so the weekend started all the sooner.

And what a great weekend it was! On Saturday I rolled out of bed by a little after 9:30 am, laced up my running shoes, and fretted that my run would suck since I hadn’t been out since the Friday of the week before. Then I promptly ran 2.6 km, stopping only once to walk just past the 2 km point. I walked about 30 seconds, then finished my run in 15 minutes. The endorphins were awesome!

After a quick shower and a bite to eat (running makes me super hungry, holy crap. I couldn’t afford to feed myself if I was training for a marathon!), we hopped in the van and went for a drive to check out a house that friends of ours from back home are thinking of renting for the summer. They wanted our opinion and some extra photos. It was absolutely beautiful and we all but insisted that they formalize their booking immediately.

Their view if they take it:

Upon returning the kids asked to go to the park (partly because Hayley wanted to test out the umbrella stroller for her doll that her friend had given her) so we headed out there for a bit where they played while I read (this book – so awesome! And yes, I’m compensating for the fact that my favourite show is on summer hiatus!), but by then it was getting pretty cool and windy so we only lasted an hour.

In the early evening we had a few people over to hang out and that was nice. We ate a bit of food and somehow all ended up watching HGTV shows while critiquing both the decor on the shows and the snarkiness of the people who were house hunting. It was more entertaining than it sounds. 😉

When Sunday hit I slept in a wee bit longer (mostly because the kids had stayed up late the night before and slept in as well!), and at first I had to really push myself to get ready to go out for a run. Finally I went with the wisdom I read on a motivational poster online recently that said, “if you’d gone for a run when you first thought about it, you’d be back by now” and I knew it was true so off I went. It was already quite warm out when I left at almost 11 am and it was a beautiful day to be out pounding the pavement. I did have one moment of tragedy when this came true:

Luckily it turns out I actually CAN run without my iPod so a crisis was averted. I did my longest run since I started training, doing a nice 3.4 km route, only stopping to walk for 20 seconds at the 2.6 km point. That felt really great. I think that after running too fast all this time (not on purpose) I finally found my pace the past two days. I’d still like to look towards shaving some time off it before the big run* but in the meantime I’m mostly focusing on endurance to finish this 5K nice and strong.

*I don’t have a ton of hope when it comes to making a great time. The route for the race includes running UP Citadel Hill (It’s kind of high and a steep incline). I may very well walk up, run around the top, and then run back down. We shall see. I have until May 20th to decide!

After lunch we decided it was far too beautiful to be indoors so we drove down to Point Pleasant Park and walked by the water for a bit and tried to teach the kids how to skip rocks into the ocean. It was chilly by the water but activity kept us warm enough to stay awhile.

The rest of the day involved watching the James Cameron version of Titanic (the first time I’d ever seen it, and both Hayley and I cried our eyes out together), having a nice Sunday night supper together, and once I got the kids to bed I got all the lunches together so there will – ideally – be minimal chaos tomorrow.

I need minimal chaos due to the excitement that I hinted at in my title. I am very much looking forward to some changes at work starting tomorrow. I have been working there since July but only in an official post-training way since October. Since then I have spent six months working a 12:30-8:30 shift (it actually started with a 1-9 shift) and waiting (mostly) patiently for a shift change. As of tomorrow I’ve got it. I now have a 10-6 shift. If I can get out of the office by five minutes after I should be able to catch an express bus that will have my home by 6:35.

This changes everything. I can leave while it’s still light out and all summer I’ll be able to enjoy evenings with a couple of hours of sun out on the deck. I can eat supper with my family all the time, not just on weekends. I can be here at bedtime, reading them bedtime stories and tucking them in. I can see them for more than just an hour in the morning as I get them ready for school.

I am so excited it’s not even funny. It’s the same job and the same work but it’s a whole new shift and it means everything to me. I can not wait!

I hope you all had a great weekend too. Did you do anything fun or interesting? What are you looking forward to in the week to come? Tell me!

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2 thoughts on “A great weekend and excitement ahead

  1. Mary Ann

    Sherry, so happy to hear about your shift change. This will be such a good thing for you and your family. Love all your water pictures. Halifax is beautiful. I am looking forward to getting stronger with my new right knee. Had total knee replacement 7 weeks ago. For a while there I was sorry I had it done, but now I believe I am around the bend. So for me this is a big deal.

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