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Do Not Under Estimate the Power of an Imagination

A lack of imagination was today with Auntie “L” discussed. Something was revealed to me. Silly it is so. Dawned on me ages ago it should have. An imagination must he learn to use. How?
The hard part that is.

An advocated of hands on parenting am I. Yelling across the room will not a child teach. On his own level a child must learn. The power of imagination can be shared by those who posses it. It flows around us. Found by digging ditches in the dirt it can be.

The other important concept also so simple is. Mimicking everything you do, he does. If I read, read he does. If I play on the computer, play on the computer he wants to. If I garden, garden he will. A natural thing it is that he is excited about playing on the computer.

This is the post in actual English for anyone who couldn’t figure out what I was trying to say above.

In talking with Auntie “L” today about the Babe’s lack of imagination, I discovered something. It’s so silly; it should have dawned on me ages ago. I need to teach him to have an imagination. How, you say?

That is the hard part.

I’ve always been an advocate of hands on parenting. Instead of yelling across the room at a misbehaving child, I should get up, walk across the room and crouch down to their level to explain what he is doing wrong. She tells me I need to teach him how to have an imagination by going out back and showing him how to pretend. By digging ditches in the dirt with him, he’ll learn and understand that it’s fun to dig ditches on his own at a later time.

The other important concept that she explained to me is also so simple I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on it before. She explained that my 3-year-old wants to mimic everything I am doing. So, if I read books all day long, you’ll typically find your 3-year-old being fascinated with books. Because the hubby and I are on the computer a lot, he wants to play the computer as well. If I happened to be a gardener, then he would want his own garden ect. It’s only natural that he is interested and excited about playing on the computer.

This post was written by Kendra over at Dramatized Reality. She has a 3-year-old son and a 5-month-old daughter of her own and currently has a 3-month-old foster son. When she’s not keeping busy with her children, she likes to play the piano, scrapbook, read and sew.

This month’s topic for The Blog Exchange was to write a post in the voice of someone famous. Can you guess who Kendra was impersonating? When you’re done guessing, head to her site to read my impersonation post too – and then check out the rest of her site while you’re there!

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6 thoughts on “A guest post, this is

  1. Jenna

    LOL, I didn’t know the theme at first and I was thinking, “Man, if this blogger normally writes like Yoda, he/she must be geekier than ME.”

    😉 Fun!

  2. Binky

    After seeing Chelle’s, I figured yours out right away. If I hadn’t, I probably would’ve guessed Gertrude Stein for this one as well 😉

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