A lovely yet quiet weekend

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My first week on my new 10-6 shift drew to a close at a rapid pace. I was really surprised by how quickly the week flew by, honestly. The week before I had been so sick that I only went in on Thursday and Friday so I kind of expected a full week to drag on forever after that but that just wasn’t the case. By the time we hit Friday I was thinking, “already?!”

After those five days wrapped up our weekend ended up being fairly low-key but perfectly nice anyway. Sometimes quiet is good.

I’ve discovered that while I sometimes wanted to sleep in all morning long on weekends (what with being a night owl and never being someone to bound out of bed at sunrise) I actually really like getting up around 9 am or so on weekends now. Saturday found me getting up by 9:30 and I threw myself into my running clothes and shoes and headed out for another 3.4 km run. So far that’s my farthest distance in my training but this run was a bit different in that I incorporated a couple of hills. I was wiped out by the time I got home and even though I have a great stretching routine my legs were aching and stiff last night (but that’s okay, “legs up the wall” pose helped out immensely, yay for yoga!). Still my time was pretty decent and I do need to do some hills since my route leads me up a massive hill when I run my 5K on May 20th.

(Speaking of the race, I’m part of a team that is raising funds for the Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia and you can sponsor me over here. I’ve technically made my pledge goal already but the more money I raise, the more people who benefit! There’s no amount to small – or too big!)

Hayley had her best friend from school come over after lunch (a super nice girl who is very well behaved and polite, a total joy to have over) and she ended up staying all day and for supper too – supper being when we had our first BBQ of the season. It was one delicious supper. The only thing better than the smell of a BBQ is the smell of your own BBQ!

George wasn’t feeling all that hot so bedtime rolled around earlier than usual for a Saturday night but I still ended up staying up a little longer than I intended since Heather introduced me to crack the game Draw Something. Good lord. I can draw pretty well but apparently when I’m using my finger to draw on a phone I totally suck!

Today was damp when I got up and I originally had no intentions of going for a run since my legs were still a bit stiff but once I had been up for half an hour they loosened up so I figured I should go ahead. It ended up not being a great run in the end; I had to stop to walk a few times just because of muscle fatigue so that was beyond frustrating, but in the end I still completed a 3.4 route (no hills today!) in 20 minutes so that wasn’t bad. It wasn’t raining by the time I went out but it was foggy and misty enough that I was drenched when I got home. I felt accomplished though, even though I’ve had more satisfying runs than this one.

After lunch I set out to make a purchase that I haven’t made in over 15 years. Summer is coming soon and once the sun warms things up enough and it’s time to hit the beach (lake, ocean, whichever), I’ll be sporting some new swimwear.

I still wonder if I was out of my mind when I bought that but I do love it. (On sale too, so dirt cheap, woohoo!)

The rest of the day just involved a super-long bath for the kids (who had played outside two days in a row and needed some soap and water desperately), yummy pirogies for supper, bedtime for girls, and a bit of video editing for something way cool that my buddy and personal trainer is working on. Now I’m just watching “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” again on TV (I wanted to roll my eyes at that movie but ended up kind of loving it, the Silver Surfer was so freakin’ cool) and having a glass of wine before I hit the hay and start another week at work.

Tell me about your weekend!

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1 thought on “A lovely yet quiet weekend

  1. Mary Ann

    Glad to hear you had a nice weekend with your family. Very rainy here in NJ so it was a quiet weekend and catching up on my reading. Your BBQ looks so good.


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