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Whenever I leave home, I almost always have at least one bag with me, and if it’s just one then it’s my camera bag. Sometimes I take my purse too, depending on where I’m going. But I usually have at least the one, and as far as Breanna is concerned, a bag is a bag. She must have gotten the habit from me, but now if we’re going out somewhere, she wants to take her own bag with her.

When we got loot bags for her birthday party, George got all the girls little Princess-theme purses that hang on your wrist, and he got a Dora motif for Breanna. That is her “bag”. She always asks, “Where my bag? Oh! My bag!” The other day she was ticked off at having to leave the bag in the car because we were going into the store where it had been purchased and we didn’t want to deal with people thinking we were stealing it. On the other hand, a glimpse inside would have certainly demonstrated it truly belonged to someone already.

What does a two year old girl carry in her “BAG” when she goes out? (Or just goes room to room while shouting “bye! Bye Mommy!”)

Her Dora bag:

Breanna's bag

A little peek inside. What could all this be?

Inside the bag (by sherina)

The necessities that every girl needs in her “BAG!” A string of beads, a plastic lemon, a couple of hair ties, an unused but crumpled up tissue, a tiny piece of blue construction paper, and a ceramic cat with a broken ear.

What's in the bag (by sherina)

I know I like to keep some strange things in my purse too sometimes, so I guess I can’t fault her for the necessities in her life.

Luckily the hair ties won’t be as necessary. Which is good because for a kid who used to love having her hair combed and even once fell asleep standing up while I combed it, she hates having anything done to it now. You should see the magic I must perform for the occasional pigtails. Even regular straight-up brushing elicits a worried, “all doned Mommy? All doned?!”

However, her hair was insane. It had never ever been cut and it was constantly hanging in her face. She wouldn’t keep a barrette in to keep it off her face and she wouldn’t even keep a hair band in anymore. Tonight at bath time, I couldn’t take it anymore as I watched her trying to brush her hair aside so she could see her bath toys.

So after her bath, I got a comb, some hairdressing scissors, and I gave her bangs.

Bangs! (by sherina)

She was a little concerned, still asking her breathless, “all doned?!” and she said “ouch!” every time I snipped, but luckily it didn’t take long, she held still, and I managed to get the cut straight.

I am so tempted to go do mine too because they’re also hanging in my eyes and driving me nuts. Alas, I don’t think I’ll look as cute as she does.

We finally decorated our tree yesterday. I cursed the entire time I strung the lights and I can not tell you how badly I want to buy a pre-lit tree after this season when they’re all on sale so I can pitch our tree and lights straight off the balcony. Lights are NOT the key to getting me into a festive mood, let’s just put it that way.

Once I was done though, they looked great. I made a cup of peppermint tea, found a streaming online radio station that plays Christmas songs, and got the decorations out. I put a few on, but mostly I just let the girls do it because they were doing such a great job on their own. Breanna needed a bit of help understanding not to put ten decorations onto one branch, but she caught on quickly. They’re pros.

Decorating (by sherina)

And it looked great when they were done!

Tree (by sherina)

I also hung lights in our window and set them to flash. I managed to leave them for a half hour before the flashing made me crazy and that was the end of that. Back to solid they went!

Window (by sherina)

I have always loved having white lights on the china cabinet so I was glad we had a spare set.

Lights (by sherina)

Our home is finally holiday ready!

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  1. April

    What? Doesn’t every young lady carry a plastic lemon in her purse? lol.

    The bangs are incredibly cute! Her eyes are HUGE!

    Great job on the tree, girls!

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