A weekend of Mother’s Day

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Pretty in pink

Considering the fact that Mother’s Day is only one day, I actually had a really great weekend altogether. My one disappointment was that I didn’t get to see my own mom due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control but hopefully it will work out for getting to see her next weekend. Other than that, Friday through Sunday were awesome.

George’s sister and her husband came for the weekend and since the kids were excited to see them, they ended up staying at George’s parents’ house for supper. Because of that, George and I actually went out to eat by ourselves. We didn’t go for a fancy meal – we actually just went to Kentucky Fried Chicken to try out that new Star Wrap thing. Verdict: More filling than it looks, pretty tasty, and was clearly invented by someone who was completely stoned (chicken strips, salad, tortilla chips, sauce, and cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla? Definitely made by a stoner). However, what made it great was that we were able to just EAT in peace without having to deal with anything else and we were able to talk without interruption. That’s a nice change of pace! Afterwards I took the dog for a long walk in the woods and then had an hour of quiet to finish up my work for the weekend before the kids came home.

Speaking of the woods, I found a new spot I had never seen before and was greatly confused by what was sitting in the middle of it. Because who the hell expects to see a REALLY old and completely rusted out car in the woods, especially when there are currently only footpaths, no roads.



Saturday was the day that my parents were supposed to come over for dinner so I passed the morning by cleaning up and getting ready for the visit while George did some shopping. When my mom called to tell me they couldn’t make it I thought maybe we could invite someone else to come over for dinner instead. However, when George’s sister showed up to take the kids out for awhile, we ended up asking if they could go over there for supper again. When they said yes and George and I were alone once again, I ended up being able to get the one “present” that I really truly wanted for Mother’s Day.

Not that, you pervs.

We went to see Star Trek! Seriously, I have been climbing the walls waiting to see it and I assumed the weekend would be too busy for me to get to the theater. When George asked me to go check the showtimes at the theater I would have done a backflip if I was physically able to perform one.

The show started at 6:40 and I was so paranoid that they’d sell all the tickets out that we were there about 40 minutes early. It didn’t sell out but the theater was definitely jam packed with only the first two rows empty (the rows where you can’t move your neck for three days because of craning to see the screen).

I can not lie to you: That movie was amazing. Seriously. It was exciting from start to finish and I’m not entirely sure that I blinked at all for the entire two hours because I was afraid I might miss something. George had to slip off to the washroom for a minute halfway through and when he said he’d be right back I think I asked him, “are you insane?!”

I only saw it a few days ago and I already want to see it again. Chris Pine as James T. Kirk? AWESOME.

The kids went to bed pretty quickly once they got home after 9 pm, so that was nice since it left me a few hours to enjoy a couple of glasses of the red wine that we had lying around.

On Sunday I didn’t really get to sleep in, but I did get to lounge around in bed for several hours and I dozed on and off which was nice. Hayley brought in all the stuff that she had made for me in school and a pendant that she and Breanna had picked out for me the day before, then Hayley made toast for me for breakfast in bed (George handled the coffee though!). A couple of hours later, George made bacon and eggs for brunch too, so I was pretty full for awhile.

We mostly just took it easy after that. We went over to his parents’ house for an hour later in the day because we had a DVD with all the photos that I took at his sister’s wedding (all 200+ of them!) and the photos from their honeymoon. It was fun to look back at all those pictures.

Once I got the kids into bed, I just spent the evening relaxing with some TV, the Internet, and a little more wine, and that was the perfect end to a really good weekend. In a move that is so utterly uncharacteristic of me that I wonder if I was abducted by aliens, I didn’t take any pictures of myself with the kids for Mother’s Day. I’m not sure why I didn’t, I guess I was just too busy. Busy being relaxed. And really, that’s not too bad in the end.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend too, especially the moms!


In other news, I have a review up for Colgate Max White toothpaste.

Also, I totally forgot to link to this when I wrote it, but I vented a slight grievance that I have with Scholastic over at the Canada Moms Blog.

Is it lunch time already? Good lord, where is the time going today?!

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4 thoughts on “A weekend of Mother’s Day

  1. ian

    STAR TREK?!?! You shoulda gone for the ‘other’ present 😉
    Sounds like a great day though, too bad it’s only once a year…mom’s deserve more.

    ians last blog post..READY…AND !!!

  2. Richard L Walker

    The “Scholastic” situation is interesting. Taken at face value one wonders if they’ve abandoned the reading goal. I wonder, though, if they are using the merchandise as a way to keep the reading program afloat. Newspapers are rapidly failing and had better figure out another way to distribute their product. I feel their best bet would be to simply give ALL content away while selling advertising on each story. Basically that is where Google excels and that is exactly the business model I’d use if I were a newspaper. Newspapers aside, my question would be if “Scholastic” is in trouble.

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