A Winter day in pictures

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On Friday when Hayley got home from school both kids wanted to go outside. It was blowing snow like nobody’s business out there but I did what a mom has to do and bundled them – and myself – up as much as possible and ventured out. We only lasted about half an hour because the wind was brutal, dropping the temps down to -16 C (3F). Also, I need new boots because the ones I have are great for grip when it’s icy out but they only come above the ankles so when I’m in deep snow it all packs in there and my feet freeze.

Canada is fun in the winter, yes indeed!

Still, the kids had fun and I had fun watching them make snow angels and try to slide down the wee hill on the complex (next time we’ll take their sleds). And when I came back inside and got the dog, she had fun out in the snow too. Now that she’s over her, “wait, I don’t remember what this cold white stuff is” shock she goes completely crazy the second I open the door and take her out.

I’m trying not to count down to spring. Luckily the weekend saw an end to the wind so it’s not quite so bad.

Some photos from Friday:

Snow sisters

Snow dunes



Snow bunny

I’d still rather be on a hot, sunny beach while I cool my feet in the Atlantic. How many more days until our next summer visit to Halifax?

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3 thoughts on “A Winter day in pictures

  1. Carry

    I too prefer summer over winter, but on day like that, with perfect snow I too would have gone outside to play 🙂

  2. Mia

    I prefer Summer over Winter – in my country that preference isn’t a real choice! Perhaps if it snowed where I live…

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