Our Advent activity calendar so far

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This season, inspired by Andrea, I created an advent calendar full of activities instead of chocolate (the kids aren’t deprived, they still have the chocolate one too), with one thing for each day up until December 25th. I thought it was such a great idea, so I used a variety of papers and leftover gift bags to make envelopes, strung up a cord across our living room entertainment unit, and used clothes pegs to hang them.

Advent calendar

So far they’ve been a big hit, even if some of the activities are quieter than the others. On day one we started simple, doing manicures and pedicures for Hayley and Breanna. They loved that, especially Breanna who is becoming very girly about makeovers and whatnot.

On day two we wrote letters to Santa. Hayley decided she’d like a Fur Real dog to go with the cat she got last year and Breanna wanted a rocket ship. I’m sure Santa will be able to find both lying around his workshop.

Day three brought out the scissors and they made some paper snowflakes, some of which are decorating the wall over the couch:

Advent activity: Snowflakes

Day four was a HUGE hit (and was not photographed for obvious reasons) because they got to have a candlelit bubble bath. They thought it was the coolest thing ever and unfortunately it has caused them to become completely unimpressed with regular old run-of-the-mill baths now. Alas.


For day five we had Family Game Night – Wii Edition. We played a couple of party games that I had received for review (look for that on the review blog later this week), then moved on to Wii Sports. Somehow it seems that my kids are bowling demons and they showed up both George and myself. Hayley threw numerous strikes and Breanna nearly made me faint as she ended up throwing turkeys (three strikes in a row) with ease. We played in teams; Breanna and I won both games against George and Hayley and I fully confess that our win had very little to do with me.

Day six was the day we decorated the Christmas tree, something that always goes over well. This year was especially fun since they’re now both old enough to understand that you generally put one ornament per branch instead of, you know, ten on one branch like other years.

Yesterday was day seven and I needed something relatively quick and easy since I had a Governing Board meeting at the school. I slipped in the paper for making pine cone bird feeders. Those are fun and so simple to do, albeit a bit messy.

Bird feeders

All you need to do is tie a string to the top of a pine cone, coat the edges with peanut butter, and then just roll the whole thing in a bowl of birdseed. Once they were both done with their feeders (two each), I tied them all to a cord and strung them out on the balcony.

Bird feeders

Today we ended up doing a pizza picnic in the living room with a movie (George chose Monsters Inc. since we’re saving Christmas movies/shows for another Advent day). The kids love having picnics in the living room and naturally pizza is always a hit so that worked out well.

I haven’t decided which activity to slip inside tomorrow’s envelope. If we get the big snowfall we’re supposed to be getting, maybe we’ll go for building a snowman.

I’m loving this Advent Calendar and will definitely keep all my envelopes to use again next year!

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6 thoughts on “Our Advent activity calendar so far

  1. Richard L Walker

    Will the wild and crazy photographer be taking any pictures of birds who feed on the pine cone bird feeders?

  2. Andrea_R

    This is where I confess you’re far more organized than I am this year. how much do I LOVE those envelopes all pinned there???

    We did make snowflakes last night while watching a couple Christmas shows.

  3. jade

    our kids tend to totally pwn us in wii bowling too. we just gape at abigail when she casually swings the remote and it seems sure that the ball can’t go anywhere but the gutter, but then it just carefully swings right around to strike bang in the middle. perhaps the game is biased towards little kids 🙂

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