Anatomy of a great weekend + working out in the kitchen!

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It wasn’t a long weekend here in Canada (our long weekend was last week). However, even though it was only two days long it was excellent.

Before the work day was even over I was able to slip downstairs during my work day to meet Prime Minister hopeful Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party. I was very happy to meet him, shake his hand, speak to him, and even get a (blurry as hell) photo with him. Good times! My mother screamed on the phone when I told her.


That was pretty exciting, I’m not gonna lie!

Friday night we got a babysitter and I went to see George’s band play, it was so much fun. I had the BEST fish burger I’ve ever had in my life. I’m from Quebec, to me a fish burger is minced fish formed into a patty with a bread crumb coating on a bun. Here in Halifax, a fish burger is a huge piece of ACTUAL fish.



Then I got to watch George play for a few hours and THAT was nice. I hadn’t been for awhile and it was fun to hear the music, hang out with friends, and take photos and video for him.


Saturday was just relaxing. George was playing again and the kids had been told we’d take them out to spend the rest of their Easter money on Sunday if they were good. That meant I had the quietest, most fight-free Saturday afternoon and evening EVER. I also spent my cooking time getting active in my kitchen; a good example of how to squeeze in exercise when you don’t have a lot of time.

That’s probably the silliest video I’ve filmed (for now) but I had fun doing it and it makes me laugh.

Sunday we went for brunch and I never know which is better, the food or the view of the Bedford Basin. I think the food wins by a narrow margin.



But it’s a close call.


We also went to check out the stuff I want to get next weekend to plant in my garden (now that the frost warnings are HOPEFULLY over since it’s almost JUNE JESUS CHRIST). Then I realized I should actually prep the garden. I spent some time weeding and raking and it felt GREAT. Now it’s all ready for some fresh earth and plants. Hopefully the crows won’t eat everything, ahem.

Crow pose in the garden box!

Crow pose in the garden box!

It was a fabulous weekend, I have no complaints whatsoever. I hope you had a great weekend too, especially if you’re in the US and got an extra day off!

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