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I haven’t seen my grandmother since July due to a variety of random circumstances. She’s never met Breanna at all. We have plans to go see her on Saturday (where I will try my best to keep from looking out the front windows towards the parking lot where her house used to be) and I called her yesterday to tell her. She is SO excited, especially since her current visit with my aunt and uncle got cut short when my aunt slipped and fell on the ice, breaking her ankle. It would be nice too because my parents will be there too, and I haven’t seen them since December 26th.

And so of course the weather is screwing around with me. According to our local forecast, we’re supposed to have the following weather:

If the freezing rain really does switch to rain and then sun by Saturday we should be okay. By then the rain and any salt put out on the highways will take care of the ice, but if we end up getting freezing rain too close to Saturday morning, we won’t be able to go. Also, George has something important to do on Saturday evening and he can’t miss it so we’ll have to stay home if the forecast for Saturday turns questionable because we can’t risk getting stuck up north.

Obviously neither of us is willing to risk the safety of the girls so icy roads will be a no-discussion cancellation factor but I will be pissed if we end up not going – especially since I have no idea when we’ll ever get another chance. We had almost no snow most of this winter with fairly bare roads and decent conditions. It HAS to turn back into typical Montreal winter NOW?!

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2 thoughts on “Argh!

  1. susie

    I don’t think I could survive with those temps. We had a “rain storm” here today. It was a light sprinkle that lasted about 20 minutes, and then the sun came out. I hope you have a safe drive, if you do end up heading out there.

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