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Belly laughs

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Today was one of those blah days where nothing actually goes wrong but it still feels like a crappy day.

And then it was saved by a wonderful moment.

I was changing Breanna’s diaper and just after wiping her, she peed mightily all over herself and her clothes. I reacted with mock horror, with wide eyes and I animatedly said, “Oh SHEESH! to her. She broke into a smile and laughed a little “huh huh” giggle, something she does regularly.

I repeated myself and she started cracking up. Every “sheesh!” from me made her laugh harder until she erupted into gales of baby belly laughter, punctuated by high-pitched shrieks of joy. I was crying from laughing so hard myself.

I don’t know how she knew I needed that, but it totally made my day.

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  1. Baby belly laughs could cure all the ills of the world! If only we could bottle and sell them. 🙂

  2. AWwww heeehee 🙂

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