Big fun at the Family Channel Big Ticket Summer Concert in Halifax!

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I can think of a ton of examples of how my life changed for the better when I learned to manage my anxiety issues. I could go into stores that I used to avoid, I could volunteer at the school for my oldest daughter, and I could attend events that I might have otherwise skipped because I knew that a) I probably wouldn’t have to deal with any anxiety, and b) if I did, I could get rid of it fairly quickly and easily.

Big Ticket Summer ConcertI’m so grateful for being able to do things I couldn’t do easily in the past, because it lets me do something like take my family to the Family Channel Big Ticket Summer Concert that is coming back to Halifax this year on August 25th at the Scotiabank Centre. Years ago, before I learned how to deal, I would have heard about the concert, thought about how much fun it would be, and then I would have forgotten all about it.

Family Channel is a huge deal in this household, especially for Breanna. Being ten years old, she is the perfect target audience and many of her favourite shows are on the channel. The two of us have a ritual of sitting down on Friday nights to watch her #1 show, “The Next Step” and here’s a little not-so-secret secret for you – I started off watching it just because she enjoyed it so much and I wanted to sit with her. Then I started to enjoy the dancing on the show. Finally, somehow it has become a show where I actually get into the storyline and care about the characters.

The Next Step

The Next Step

(And back when I was running a lot and training, I would sometimes do my long run on Friday after work instead of Saturday morning. Many of these Friday night runs were at a faster pace than normal because I was rushing to get my distance in quickly so I wouldn’t be late getting home to watch “The Next Step” with Breanna! I guess I owe my PR run at least in part to the show!)

Trevor Tordjman

Trevor Tordjman

Breanna kept seeing the commercials for the Big Ticket Summer Concert and saying how much she would love to go. She loves Trevor Tordjman (James on “The Next Step”) and he’s one of the co-hosts for the event, not to mention there will be performances by the dancers from the show. On top of that, there will be performances from several other shows that she watches and loves, “Backstage” and “Lost & Found Studios” as well.

Even though Hayley, at almost 14, doesn’t really watch the shows often, she has seen them and knows many of the characters who will be represented at the concert even. More interesting for her though will be the fact that the concert is headlined by Daya, and there will be accompanying musical performances by Aviva, Josh Bogert, Mckenzie Small, and Shane Harte. Considering how much Hayley loves to sing and play guitar and has performed many times herself, it will be a good experience to see a large-scale musical concert up on a big stage.

I think one of the best things about the Family Channel Big Ticket Summer Concert though is accessibility – not only is it touring around most of the major cities in Canaada (and may I add that I appreciate that tremendously because there have been so many times I have seen concerts announced that would interest me and the furthest east that they come is Moncton, which is two hours from here; it amazes me that so many major tours seem to just skip over Halifax as though we don’t exist, so thank you Family Channel for recognizing your large audience out here on the coast!), it’s also not something that will break the bank.

Most concerts and large events cost a crazy amount of money. Your average big concert starts around the $70 mark per ticket and that’s if you don’t mind sitting so high up that you need binoculars to see what’s happening on stage. The Big Ticket Summer Concert has tickets for $20 and you won’t be sitting in the parking lot either!

Tickets are on sale now! Buy them from $20 and up right here!

*Disclosure: I am being provided with tickets to this event but all opinions are my own*

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