Bits and bites and other stuff (and lots of pics)

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It’s only Monday morning but I’m already looking forward to the long weekend. Hayley’s off on Friday, so we can sleep in a bit (even if it’s only an hour!). On Saturday my parents are coming for dinner. They weren’t able to make the birthday party because my dad was really sick and this past weekend we were out at another party, so I invited them for this coming weekend. I’m not sure yet what I’ll be making since our even still needs a new element. I might make perogies or a big batch of cheeseburger rice. I’m just looking forward to having them over.

Then on Sunday we’ll be going to George’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner and I already can’t wait to eat some turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Yummy! Hayley has already asked if she can sleep over since she also has Monday off and she often does have a sleepover when George’s sister is in town. I told her we would see, depending on how tired everyone – including Hayley! – is, but if everyone says it’s okay, it’s fine by me.

It’s a bit early in the week to be waiting for the weekend, but there you have it.

I was looking for a picture I took last year over on my Flickr account and ended up finding this old one:


It still makes me laugh!

For the sake of curiosity, I was looking for this picture:

On the rock

I wanted to find it in order to compare it to what I can do with my current camera, when I took a picture in the same spot on Friday:

Yearly rock shot

After Hayley’s birthday, I mentioned that she has a habit – as do most kids, I think – of singing along with her mp3 player, not realizing that the rest of us can’t hear the music. Carrie issued a challenge to me, asking me to capture it on video and that she would try the same with her son. Well, here you go, “The Best of Both Worlds” from Hannah Montana, Hayley mp3 player style!

She thought I was just taking pictures of her, which was fun because she was really surprised when I showed her the video later!

We finally got the new room finished. We put up a new blind (which Hayley then broke while trying to open it – we bought another new one and she is only allowed to open the slats, not the entire blind, gah) and put things up on the walls which looks much better now.

We have some Hannah Montana for Hayley, some Winnie the Pooh for Breanna, and a little bit of Disney Princess for both of them. I love it!

New room and bed

New room

New room

And now, back to work! But first, one last photo for my dad. He jokingly asked if Pearl knows how to walk since every picture he ever saw of her shows her lying down. So here’s Pearl, enjoying the leaves on Fall day.

Fall dog
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5 thoughts on “Bits and bites and other stuff (and lots of pics)

  1. Kathy

    OMG Sherry, that video had me in stitches. I am SO grateful my parents never captured me doing that! (Or, more typically–crooning into a hairbrush while my records played at top volume!) She will be utterly mortified if you show this to her in ten years…

    …but hey, that’s part of the fun of having kids!

    Kathys last blog post..

  2. Lil

    HA! I played it for my girls and while I was rolling on the floor, they both wanted to know if she’s a real” singer and if she could sing in sign language.

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