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I’m coming in a bit late on this, but I’m eager to participate nonetheless. Kristen has noticed that all around the blogosphere people are having a hard time. All you need to do is pull up to the gas pumps to know how hard wallets are being pinched lately.

So she’s proposed a project for the month of August. If you’re reading blogs from a feed reader, take a bit of time to click out and open up the actual blog itself. If the blogger is using any kind of ads on their site, clicking to the site will help boost that blogger’s earnings for the month. While you’re there, maybe click around. Hit up the archives and see if there’s an entry that you never read before and click on it to read something from the past.

If they’re not using ads, click over anyway and leave a comment or find the contact info to send an email. Even if it’s not helping their wallet, it will put a smile on their face (you know, assuming your commentary is nice. If it’s not nice, then please don’t bother!).

Comments are always nice anyway. I love comments. I can always use more of those because it helps to make you feel like you’re not sitting here blogging at yourself. And if you’re inflating someone’s ad earnings while you comment, that’s even better.

Screw the recession. Let’s blog it!

(If you want to take part, go check it out – there are prizes too!)

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4 thoughts on “Blog the recession

  1. Pablo Solis

    OK – I took your advise. I clicked on a couple of you google ads, 1 BlogHer banner ad and I’m leaving you this message.

    Ahhh! that felt good. No matter what the economy is doing, no matter what my wallet looks like, I do feel much better for three reasons.

    1. I did do something to help somebody else (your revenue)
    2. And I’m actually not “sitting here blogging at myself.”
    3. Best of all it DID put a smile on my face 😉

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!

    Pablo Soliss last blog post..The Trivia of Life Keeps us from Experiencing our Greatness

  2. Leanne

    Great idea. I read a lot of other blogs, but I NEVER think to click on the ads….

    Oh, and we’re not that family either, I have no idea what we’re having for dinner – but I may steal your menu and yep, I live in Toronto too, it was a VERY weird day when the propane tanks all went up. 🙂 See, I was paying attention!

    Leannes last blog post..You too?

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