Bluenose Marathon Day to-do list

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Well, after about three months of training, the big day looms ahead of me all of a sudden. Tomorrow – Sunday, May 20th – is the Bluenose Marathon 2012 race day and right now I’m a strange buzzing mix of excitement and nerves.

Sometimes lists help me keep everything straight so here we go.

Race Day:

6:00 – Get up. No really, get the hell out of bed, there’s a 5K to run.
6:05 – Hurry downstairs and eat a piece of toast with a bit of peanut butter so there are two hours of digestion time. Start drinking a bit of water too.
6:10 – Contacts popped into my eyeballs should help wake me up.
6:20-6:25 – Continue telling Hayley to get up.
6:25 – Get dressed.
6:30 – Hat on head, ponytail out the back.
6:35 – Safety pin my bib to the front of my shirt.
6:40 – Make sure I have my bag with my extra safety pins, iPod, armband, earphones, cell phone, rescue remedy.
6:45 – Realize I’m now ready 25-30 minutes before I need to leave.
6:46-7:10 – Alternate between peeing and doing meditative breathing to calm down.
7:12 – Decide I can’t wait any longer, let’s GO.
7:30 – Meet up with my work team.
7:30-8:00 – Pee repeatedly. Preferably in a bathroom or port-a-potty. Also take some rescue remedy for nerves. Hand off my bag and sweater to George and send him and the kids off to wherever they’re going to be spectators.
8:00 – Head for the starting line.
8:02 – Run back to pee again.
8:05 – Find the middle-speed runners and align myself with them.
8:10 – RUN! GO GO GO!
8:40-8:45-ish – Finish and congratulate myself on finishing my first race in over 20 years.

I’m nervous but also so eager. As they say at the Bluenose, “ready, set, giv’er!”

race sign on my shirt

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Bluenose Marathon Day to-do list

  1. Richard L Walker

    Be safe.
    All that peeing I was worried you might be pregnant.
    I’m not a runner so I don’t know what you’ll be going through … but if you can … I hope you have some fun too.


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