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I have a piece of paper here on my desk with a bunch of scrawled notes about things I want to post to my blog, but in the meantime, I do have a book review up for a wonderful book called The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here – and if you haven’t read it, you really should (that goes for the review AND the book!).

It’s -17C without the wind, Hayley’s home sick from school, and Breanna’s nose is stuffed up as well. YAY! I think I need another coffee…

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1 thought on “Book review

  1. felicia

    Oh, Sherry! You made my day!!! I’ve had a tough few days and your review really put a jump in my step this morning. I think you hit the nail on the head with regard to the overall feel of the book, because while it is dark, painful and heartbreaking, it’s also about hope. That one could rise above their surroundings. I grew up in an area with very few opportunities (in addition to being the daughter of a drug addict), and I certainly didn’t let that stand in my way of success!!

    Anyway, I’m blathering. Thanks again for the very sweet, caring review.

    xoxox, f.

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