Busy short week

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This is going to be one of those fly-by weeks I think. First of all, Monday went by quickly even though I don’t really know why. I didn’t do anything in particular to move it along. I didn’t even pack anything since I’m running low on boxes. Still, I can’t believe that it’s almost time for bed.

On Tuesday I have a Governing Board meeting and I have no idea how long it will be; we missed our last meeting because it ended up canceled so we may have to catch up on a few extra items. Then I have a PPO meeting on Wednesday which is probably going to be short and sweet. Still, two meetings in a row this month!

As if I won’t spend enough time up at the school with those meetings, I then have Breakfast Club bright (dark) and early on Thursday morning. Whew!

I’m quite happy that at least Hayley’s off for Good Friday and Easter Monday so it’s just a four-day week, a nice four-day weekend, and another four-day week. I like that.

The weekend may be a blur too; on Friday we’re going to visit my parents to hook my dad up with a new-to-him computer since he’s been without a functioning PC for almost a year now. While we’re there I’m going to give him a lesson in how to use gmail, how to find both my blog and my sister’s blog, and remind him of how to use Facebook so he can get back into things online.

Then of course there’s Easter dinner at George’s parents’ house on Sunday and I don’t know if the kids will maybe be over there on Saturday as well, so it seems like it just might be busy busy. We’re picking up some boxes from a friend on the way home from seeing my parents so I’ll be able to get some more packing done at least!


The good thing about getting my dad back online is that he and my mom will be able to go “ooh” and “ahh” over their newest granddaughter. My sister had her baby on April 9th and you can go read her birth story and see how beautiful my niece Claire is. I can’t wait to get out there and hold her for the first time! I wish I could see her in person now but she’ll only be about three months when I get there. That’s one of my favorite baby ages, really. At three months they’re still non-mobile so you can put them down in the middle of your living room floor, go get a drink of water, come back, and they’re still exactly where you left them. Meanwhile, they also becoming more and more interactive with the laughing and seeking out your face and it just a wonderful age. Auntie Sherry might need an intervention to put her down!


On that note I should probably think about getting myself to bed since it’s almost 11 and I’m pretty tired.

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2 thoughts on “Busy short week

  1. Mia

    I know the feeling, is the week before Easter and it seems that everything must be done now. Not to mention that i have to move and buy a lot of new things: the best part is that there are a lot o sales, but I don’t have time to see them all :(..It’s hectic I’m telling you!

    Hopefully, Easter will bring peace and joy into our hearts..and lots and lots of optimism!


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