Catching up #2 – Visiting York Redoubt

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A couple of weeks ago we hopped in the van and drove down to visit York Redoubt, a historical site that dates back to 1793; back in the day it was a major defense site that protected the entrance to the Halifax harbour.



It was an absolutely beautiful day to be walking around looking at all the cannons and old buildings. The view from up there is pretty spectacular too, and you can see why they chose that location to keep watch over the waters.



It’s a great place to go as a family to just explore. There’s a doorway that leads into a tunnel that goes down to the lower path, and the whole tunnel is made of damp rock. It’s sufficiently creepy!



One of the buildings still has some of the original equipment; in one room we saw a tiny pot-bellied stove (that is sadly crammed full of garbage because so many people suck) that was used for cooking food for the troops. The other room had a larger stove for heating cannon balls and the tools used to manipulate them. That was pretty cool to check out.




I’d love to go back one day when we have more time to hike along the trail that winds through the woods all the way down to the water’s edge. Breanna was up for it, as she always is when you stick her on a path in the woods, but they close up the door to the tunnel and the gates out of the parking lot right at 6 pm sharp and we didn’t want to risk taking too long to get back. We’ll go another time but that likely won’t be until late spring since the days are getting a bit chilly now.






It was a great visit though and it was nice to spend part of our day absorbing the history here. (You can see the full set of photos over here.)

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2 thoughts on “Catching up #2 – Visiting York Redoubt

  1. Mary Ann Torres

    Understand now why you and your family wanted to move to Halifax. All the pictures you have been showing us are beautiful. So much history and of course the water and views are the best. Glad to realize that your dream to live there was something worth waiting for. Happy for you and your family. The girls are getting big. Looking forward to seeing winter pictures.

  2. Sherry Post author

    Mary Ann – Thanks! There are so many reasons that we moved here but the scenery is certainly an important perk! 😉

    But please don’t rush the winter pictures! I’m SO not ready! 😀


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