Catching up#1 – Hayley’s 9th birthday

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Between learning a whole other brainful of new stuff at work and the fact that I’m now on a 1pm to 9pm shift, I’ve been sadly neglecting this site. I always mean to update in the mornings or on the weekends but mornings are when I try to squeeze in my yoga before catching my bus and weekends have been filled with other activities. By the time I get home from work I am definitely too tired to update at that hour and I prefer to spend the two hours before bedtime hanging out with George. Still, I hate losing so many days that I really do want to remember so I’m going to play a bit of catch-up over the next several days.

All the way back in September, September 20th to be precise, Hayley entered her last year of single digits by turning nine years old. It was a school day but she didn’t mind because she had already made some really good friends and one of them even gave her a few gifts, including a book and a necklace. The principal gave her a special birthday pencil and she got a notepad and card from her homeroom teachers.

As for me, luckily I was still on either my 8:30-4:30 or my 9-5 shift (I forget which now) so I was home in plenty of time to watch Hayley open presents and to enjoy a birthday dinner with her. George’s parents were still in town as well because they had come down for George’s cousin’s wedding, so they came for dinner along with George’s aunt, so we were able to have a little family party.


Breanna picked out a cute little princess set with fancy shoes and a handbag; so many kids are growing up so much faster than we want them to so I’m very happy that Hayley still likes to play dress-up with princess gear.


She also got some nice clothes to wear. That’s always handy because now that she doesn’t have to wear a uniform to school, I have to think more about what she’ll put on each morning. Then she opened her present from us, which was a pretty big hit. Since Hayley loves to sing (she even joined the choir at her school, I’m so happy about that!) we got her the Disney Karaoke game for the Wii which comes with a USB mic. She knows quite a few of the songs and has done pretty well in the scoring.


(For the record I’d like to point out that I belted out Nick Jonas’ “Who I Am” and the Wii said I was – and I quote – AWESOME. So there.)

She also got a few, er, monetary gifts. I love how insane she looks here.


She ended up using most of her birthday funds to go and buy herself a nice mp3 player that also plays video and has a camera (both still shots and video).

After a nice supper of pasta, as per the birthday girl’s request, we sand “Happy Birthday” to her and she got a nice big piece of cake.





All in all, she had a great day from morning straight through until bedtime.


Still, though. Nine. NINE. I haven’t quite figured out how that’s possible, but nine it is!

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2 thoughts on “Catching up#1 – Hayley’s 9th birthday

  1. Mary Ann Torres

    Belated birthday greetings to Hayley. The girls are getting so big and both are beautiful. Enjoy now Sherry because before you know you and George will be helping them settle into college. Does your shift at work change all the time or is this now permanent?


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