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Big fun at the Family Channel Big Ticket Summer Concert in Halifax!

I can think of a ton of examples of how my life changed for the better when I learned to manage my anxiety issues. I could go into stores that I used to avoid, I could volunteer at the school for my oldest daughter, and I could attend events that I might have otherwise skipped because I knew that a) I probably wouldn’t have to deal with any anxiety, and b) if I did, I…

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Being thankful

I gave a lot of thought to gratitude and being thankful this week because Monday was Thanksgiving (since Canadians get Thanksgiving a month earlier than Americans and I love turkey, I like to celebrate both months!). There are a lot of opinions about what the holiday is meant to be, but I know what it means to me. I know some people get stressed out about the family get-togethers and the meal preparation but I…

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A much needed mental health break

For a little while I was feeling very on edge and mildly stressed out at all times. I knew what I needed – I needed some vacation down time. I hung in there until August 12th rolled around, and at 6 pm I walked out of the office officially on vacation. I try not to wish away the present day by hoping for something in the future to get here faster but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to my one-week break all summer long!

It was the perfect combination of a staycation (the first half) and a road trip (part of the second half).

For the staycation portion of my time off we did a whole lot of chilling. I did some swimming at the lake, and while a lake is not anywhere near the level of the ocean for me, there is nothing wrong with a calm body of water that’s warm enough to actually swim in. As a bonus, the day was overcast (it didn’t actually start to rain until we were walking back to the van) so there weren’t very many people there. We had a blast making jokes with the lifeguards, I swam a lot, and I showed the kids that yes, a 39-year-old woman can still jump off a dock like a child.

Jumping into the lake like the kids do
Jumping into the lake like the kids do

(The lake is also a nice spot for some yoga on the dock; and huge props to George for standing in the rain to take this for me.)

Natarajasana in the rain
Natarajasana in the rain
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Zipping right out of my comfort zone.

At some point in time I saw this image and it really stuck with me. Yes, life really does start outside of your comfort zone and if you stay inside of that little bubble, comfortable is all you’ll ever be. Yes, comfortable is nice. I like a comfortable couch, bed, chair, etc. But don’t you want to feel more than just comfortable in life? Doesn’t exhilarated sound better? It does to me! I have a…

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What happens over 21 days of planking

I’ve probably said this before but it bears mentioning again; I am extremely competitive. I love a good challenge and if I can win a game (or better yet, a prize!) I am all over that. I’m not a poor loser by any means, but I definitely really want to win everything I play and I will do whatever it takes to try to make that happen. When one of my favourite fitness people, Bex…

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Anatomy of a great weekend + working out in the kitchen!

It wasn’t a long weekend here in Canada (our long weekend was last week). However, even though it was only two days long it was excellent.

Before the work day was even over I was able to slip downstairs during my work day to meet Prime Minister hopeful Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party. I was very happy to meet him, shake his hand, speak to him, and even get a (blurry as hell) photo with him. Good times! My mother screamed on the phone when I told her.


That was pretty exciting, I’m not gonna lie!

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Another accomplishment to add to my list: 10K race!

This past weekend was Victoria Day weekend, best known as the kick-off to summer weekend here in Canada. Alas, in my neck of the woods at least, it wasn’t quite summery. Saturday was chilly, Sunday started off cold and luckily warmed up and stayed sunny in the afternoon, and Monday was damp and dark and drizzly. The cooler side of Sunday ended up being well timed though, since it was finally the day that my…


Kicking off one month of posts

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted a single thing here in, uh, quite some time. Please excuse the dust. I don’t know what it is, really. I frequently think about how I want to post something – share some stories, toss up some photos, create reminders for myself of things I’ve done – and then it just fizzles out. By the time I get home from work, do the evening routine, make lunches,…

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