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Category: Anxiety

How I STOPPED being too busy for myself (and you can too!)

We are a culture of busy. It’s all you hear some days. “I’m too busy to get the sleep I need.” “I’m too busy to go out with my friends for a drink.” “I’m too busy to read.” It might even be something that comes out of your own mouth regularly. I get a lot of questions about how I manage to make the time to have a yoga practice or how I fit in…

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My top 5 crazy easy ways to prevent anxiety

I’ve spent a long time fighting off anxiety but here are some very simple truths. 1. Preventing anxiety is easier and more effective than it is to let the anxiety happen and then try to get rid of it in the heat of the moment (although if it does sneak up on you then my favourite breathing technique works very well too). 2. If I let myself slip and I don’t use these preventive tactics…


Kick anxiety to the curb with this breathing technique!

Calm your anxiety

I’ve written on more than one occasion that I struggle regularly with anxiety. Not only do I have anxiety overall, I also tend to enjoy panic attacks with it (and by enjoy I mean NOT AT ALL). I first encountered it back when I was in grade ten. It seemingly came out of nowhere and plagued me with cold sweats, terrifying dizziness, and a feeling like I might throw up. You can imagine how fun that was. At the time there weren’t as many advances in mental health awareness so I had no idea what was wrong with me – and neither did my parents or a slew of doctors and specialists. Luckily it turned out that stream of anxiety was triggered by being in over my head in advanced math and advanced chemistry, both of which I was failing spectacularly. Once I got through the year and hit summer, my ailment disappeared and I never gave it any more thought.


What a Panic Attack Feels Like

Have you ever wondered what a panic attack feels like? Because believe me I can tell you. I  have dealt with them and with anxiety in general for decades. Here’s what a panic attack has often felt like to me: <hr width=”85%”> You’re fine. You’re walking down the street, the same street as any other day. Maybe it’s a nice day. Maybe the temperature is just that perfect midpoint between cold and hot. A gentle…