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How to run in the winter

I’ve often described myself as a “fair weather runner”. I didn’t do much running in the winter, and I tended to avoid doing much running in the high humidity of summer. After suffering from vertigo and being sidelined, I was so eager to get back out there that I pretty much ran all through last summer. However, this year brought about a new challenge for me. Since I’m training for my very first marathon in…

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Weekend Highs and Lows + Goals

(Psst! Follow my blog with Bloglovin!) I found a great post idea over at Carrots N Cake that inspires you to note your highs and lows that occurred over the past weekend (I like to stay positive as much as possible so I like the idea of writing more highs than lows!) as well as looking at your goals for the upcoming week. I thought I would take part! High: Trick or Treating of course!…

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Stepping up my game

I first started running back when I was in grade ten, having somehow been convinced to join the cross-country running team at my high school. I honestly don’t remember what compelled me to join; none of my close circle of friends were on the team, I just did it. Once grade ten was over, I didn’t really run again for years. I think my cross-country coach was disappointed that I didn’t join again in grade…

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Games to play on your long runs

For the most part, I don’t need a whole lot of motivation when I’m running. I am a big fan of listening to good tunes while I run. Between songs with the right BPM (Beats Per Minute) and just being able to enjoy the view as I pound the pavement and trails, I’m usually fine. Also, I’m not actively training for any races so when I go out for a run I’m just doing it…

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12 Weird things runners do

Almost every single time I go out for a run, I find myself thinking about all the fairly weird things that runners do that your average person most likely doesn’t do. It’s not because runners are any less sane than people who do not find pleasure in getting up at the crack of dawn just for the chance to get a finisher’s medal and a free carton of chocolate milk (though some people may argue…


A return to running

Back when I was diagnosed with vertigo, one of the first things that occurred to me was that it was going to put a massive cramp in my training. For the past three years I ran in the Bluenose Marathon weekend that takes place every May long weekend here in Halifax. The first year I ran the 5K race. I had been on the cross-country running team back in my high school years, but I…


My Five Running Essentials (+ a giveaway!)

Every runner has certain things that they need in order to run. Or perhaps I should say “need” because really, the only thing you truly need to run is a pair of working legs with the feet stuck into comfortable running shoes. So really, it’s more that all runners have certain things that they prefer to have to make their run more comfortable/efficient/enjoyable/etc.

The things I need to run
The things I need to run

Here are the FIVE THINGS that *I* “need” when I head out my front door to take a run whether I’m doing it for training purposes, to de-stress, or just because it’s a beautiful day and I’m in a gazelle-like mood.

1. Nike Air Pegasus

Obviously you can run in whatever shoes float your boat but I’m pretty in love with my Nike Women’s Air Pegasus+ 29 Running Shoe.

I adore them because they have just the right amount of cushioning for me. I like to be able to feel the ground beneath me to an extent but I like some padding too. However, I’ve tried on some shoes that had SO MUCH padding that I felt like the running version of The Princess and the Pea. I like a nice in-between. Whatever shoes you get, make sure that you’ve been checked by an expert. I went to Running Room and they had me walk and run in my socks; the expert serving me said I have a neutral foot and arch, no under- or over-pronating so he suggested a few different pairs and I went with the ones that felt best to my feet. If you do tend to pronate one way or the other, you’ll want shoes that compensate for that.