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I’m a bit brain-fried tonight because I had a crazy busy day at work today, so I can’t think of a darn thing to write about. As a result I… Read more »

Yoga Sunday

Today we were planning to have some of George’s family over for supper so after brunch he and his sister took the kids out and ran some errands and did… Read more »

Beach yoga

Much to my shock, what with being a Canadian who is very used to Canadian-esque weather, Thanksgiving weekend was ridiculously beautiful and warm. Despite the fact that it’s fall and… Read more »

Higher and higher

When I first started doing yoga almost a year and a half ago I looked at all the inversions people were doing on YouTube and all over the Yoga Journal… Read more »

Leaving Halifax

On Saturday morning we were all up bright and early because the day had finally arrived – the day we had to leave Halifax. Every year it gets harder and… Read more »