Christmas planning in mid-November? I must be crazy!

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In that time in between growing up and having kids of my own, I started becoming ambivalent about Christmas and many times I found myself putting the tree up around December 20th or so. After having kids (especially as they grew enough to understand the excitement of the holiday), Christmas perked back up again. Suddenly it became magical for me like it used to be and I started putting the tree up the first weekend of December.

Yet here I am on the 14th of November and I’m now starting to do some prep work for Christmas. Oh, I don’t have lights and decorations up yet (though I did debate replacing my Fall door hanger with my Christmas wreath; I resisted the urge) and I certainly haven’t started my shopping yet (hahaha). However, Andrea over at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl came up with an amazing December challenge that sounds like a lot of fun.

Although we always get the Advent calendars with the little chocolates – two of course, one for each of them – I’m very interested in taking part in the Advent challenge.

Basically, instead of treats, you tuck a kid or family activity into each advent window/envelope/etc and on each day of December leading up to Christmas, you pull the daily activity out and do it. The key is to make the activities simple but fun – they don’t all have to be epic adventures and they don’t even have to necessarily require you to leave home. The point is to fill up those days full of anticipation with smaller moments of anticipation.

I still have to figure out all 25 activities that I’ll use but I’ve come up with some between seeing what others have done and ideas of my own. For instance, I have the obvious “decorate the tree and apartment” and “write letters to Santa” but I also have the outside-the-box “candlelight bubble bath for the kids” and “family game night – Wii edition”.

Not every activity has to be related to Christmas, although the majority of mine are. Basically as long as they’re fun, easy, and family-oriented they’ll be a hit.

I haven’t decided yet how to do mine. Andrea has a printable template to make paper envelopes where you can tuck the activities inside and I cut mine out; I might use it with some old Christmas bags, construction paper, and other papers I can find lying around. My other idea was to use baby/toddler socks. I have a bag of them and for some reason they’re still in Breanna’s drawer even though they either don’t fit or are missing a mate. I don’t know why I didn’t get rid of them but I’m thinking of using a long ribbon or a string of braided yarn and hanging the little socks with clothes pegs. That could be cute too, considering the use of stockings at Christmas time.

The only problem with this whole idea is that we’re not even halfway through the month of November yet and now I want to just get started already! This Advent calendar may be a great way to help with the anticipation of Christmas when December gets here but now what am I going to do about the anticipation of the Advent calendar?!

Are you in?

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Christmas planning in mid-November? I must be crazy!

2 thoughts on “Christmas planning in mid-November? I must be crazy!

  • November 15, 2009 at 11:56 am

    I think this has really changed the Christmas season for me and my family… much more emphasis on family rather than a month-long leadup to a windfall of gifts.

    I’m so glad you’re participating!

    • November 16, 2009 at 3:23 pm

      Like you our family has all but eliminated gifts and just spend the time together. We may go out to eat. We may just sit around and blab. That “stressful shopping” isn’t happening.

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