Conversation from the couch

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It’s been a little while since I had a good conversation snippet to share.

The scene: Last night, sitting on the couch with George, watching a bit of television. We had switched over to Animal Planet and were watching a story about a family vacationing in Florida; the younger son was attacked by a shark while walking about 20 feet out from shore to a sandbar with his brother to do some fishing. George left the room to check his email for a few minutes and missed part of the story. By the time he came back, the guy had pried the shark’s jaws apart to free his leg, consequently shredding his hands, and had been pulled from the water by his brother. Nurses happened to be on the beach which was handy since he was losing a lot of blood due to being bitten in his femoral artery, and then he was air-lifted to the hospital.

Sherry: (after recapping what he’d missed) I’m only watching this because it was on, you can change the channel if you want.

George: No, I want t o see what happens now, how it ends.

Sherry: Well… I don’t mean to spoil the surprise ending or anything but the guy is narrating his own story and the show is called “I’m Alive” so I figure he probably makes it.

George: Shut up.

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7 thoughts on “Conversation from the couch

  1. Wim

    Did you see the movie Avatar ?
    I went to see it with a date at the theatre and was equally puzzled when she asked me what had happened to the handicapped guy in the end…

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  3. Richard L Walker

    I am totally cracking up at that “I’m alive” comment. Yet, the guy still watches TV with you. lol

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