Countdown to Spring

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One thing I’ve learned is that Winter is a little easier to bear if you enjoy with your kids. Most kids love snow and don’t notice cold, so if you can bring yourself to participate a bit, it’s not so bad. For instance, since it was March break for Hayley last week, we took the kids to a large nature park (the one we like to go to in the summer) to go sledding. That was fun, though Breanna wasn’t impressed with the snow flying up into her face when she slid down. For instance, I had a great time sliding down the hill and chasing Hayley:


Breanna remained unimpressed and refused to get back on a sled:


(See the full Flickr set here.)

In fact, that Thursday was so much fun that on Friday, I took the two sleds, the two kids, and we went to our own little park around the corner. The snow has piled up so high at the fence due to numerous storms and many snow plows that we were able to climb up it and slide down into the park. We spent an hour and a half there, which was a blast, and also played on the park equipment which is always funnier in Winter – especially when one kid knocks another over backwards with the swing.


The thing is, though, no matter how much you might find yourself able to enjoy Winter when you act like a kid yourself, there are limits. When you get a snow storm on Wednesday and then get another one on Saturday, it’s really enough. Last night, it was snowing heavily and there were ice pellets pummeling the windows, and the wind was gusting up to 100 km/hr.


Today we walked over to George’s parents’ house to help them shovel out the driveway. There were no sidewalks at all, so we had to traipse along the streets, piling up into snowbanks if a car came along (luckily there wasn’t much traffic since most of it was trapped in snow anyway).

Trudging through the snow

I think some people had given up completely are were just waiting for a Spring thaw, because where would you start?!


When we got there, I shoveled for about an hour or so (with a break in between to take the kids inside for hot chocolate), and George and his dad were at least an other hour or more on top of that. It’s getting to a point where people are running out of places to put the snow they’re trying to shovel.

George starts digging out

I know a lot of people in Southern locations are curious about snow, think it’s beautiful, and would love to experience it for themselves. Please. Take it. I’ll ship it to you, as much as you want, I just want it all to stop.

Tomorrow Hayley goes back to school but already several school boards have preemptively shut down for tomorrow. Hayley’s school is not on the list YET but I’ll be checking tomorrow before I wake her up. The city is saying it could take at least a week for snow removal to be completed and there’s snow in the forecast later this week and on the weekend.

If anyone has some spare cash they don’t know what to do with, please feel free to send me and my family to Cancun for a week. Assuming the flights would be able to get us out of here, that is!

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Countdown to Spring

6 thoughts on “Countdown to Spring

  • March 10, 2008 at 12:40 am

    The expression on Breanna’s face is priceless. You can almost read her mind.

  • March 10, 2008 at 9:55 am

    We are currently in the midst of the 4th snowiest winter in recorded history. (I am in the US, in Wisconsin). And, with 5 weeks or so left of typical snow season, I’m sure we’ll climb higher on those charts. I am almost 41 years old, and this is the most snow in my lifetime. It just boggles my mind that in my life, there has never, ever been this much snow. It’s almost surreal to think that.

    And I am so beyond done with it.

  • March 10, 2008 at 10:09 am

    tmr – Same here. The record set for the most snow here was in 1971, three years before I was born. We’re getting close to that now. Sheesh.

  • March 10, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    Wooooow. Love the pictures!! We’ve got so much snow here, but it isn’t pretty anymore. It is dirty, grimy and full of sand 🙁

  • March 11, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    I would ship you all out here to Arizona if I could!!!

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