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I have another dentist appointment tomorrow, and can I just say first that I am starting to get really tired of dentist visits? I mean, my dentists that I’ve seen lately, as well as my dental hygienist, have all been amazing. They’re very kind, gentle, and understanding of people with dentist anxiety. That’s great to have on your side. My biggest nightmare is having a dentist who doesn’t listen, especially when I say that I need about three shots of Novocaine to properly numb me enough that I don’t want to punch people in the face when dental tools come near me.

Still, even though they’ve all been amazing – and I do mean that, I can’t imagine going somewhere else at this point – it doesn’t take all of the anxiety away. It helps to know that they know about my nerves and that they let patients plug into an iPod so I can listen to my music du jour as a distraction.

But right now, the night before an appointment, I’m a bit of a ball of nerves. I wish I could just shut it off but it’s not that simple.

That’s why tonight, even though I only had a bit of time to spare, I did 20 minutes of yoga. It may not have been very long, but it helped. I did a few specific routines that target anxiety and help with relaxation (thank you Tara Stiles) and it definitely works. Tomorrow I can do some simple meditation and breathing practices (as well as listen to a guided meditation on my iPod if necessary) and get through the anxiety.

Anxiety used to be terrifying for me. Now it can still be on the scary side but it doesn’t hold the same power over me as it used to. I know too much about how it works now. I understand it and I know how to fight it off. Best of all, I have more than one method of battling it so if one doesn’t seem to be working I can move on to another way, and I come out doing just fine.

One day I should sit down and write an anxiety book. As soon as I get around to finishing my zombie book.

I still wish I didn’t have to go to the dentist though!

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