Enjoying Spring in Halifax

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The weather was pretty unseasonable for March on the east coast last week and being stereotypical Canadians, most of Halifax spent as much time as possible outside to soak up the sun before nature remembered it shouldn’t be in the high 20s this early in the year (alas, it’s supposed to snow overnight tonight, boo, hiss).

Even though I had to work I still took advantage of the beautiful days by taking the bus all the way down to the waterfront terminal instead of getting off at my usual stop. I wandered by the water, ate a bit of lunch, and I discovered that it was free to board the visiting tall ship Simon Bolivar. It was so nice to climb aboard and walk around.

The view from the ship is quite nice.

I enjoyed being there so much that I informed George that he needed to come down there with me the next day, and so on Thursday he drove me to work and we had a nice little date. I took him down to the Simon Bolivar first.

After inspecting the ship we went to the one place that was smart enough to open a month earlier than usual and had a nice early lunch.

(I had the ginormous veggie dog. It was pretty good.)

It was admittedly hard to shut that part of the day off and go be productive at work but by the time my shift started I was in such a good mood from my time outdoors that the day pretty much flew by so fast I barely noticed the hours.

On Saturday it wasn’t quite as warm but it was still decent and it was sunny so we hopped in the van and went to Crystal Crescent Beach. We hadn’t been there since Thanksgiving weekend and it was amazing to be back. You can’t see it at all until you hit the top of the parking lot so it’s this gravel road and all of a sudden, BOOM, there’s the Atlantic Ocean.

Amazingly we managed to keep the kids out of the water (mostly by getting them to stick a finger in the receding waves where they learned quickly that the water is beyond cold at this time of year!) and we had a nice hour there. Breanna made a couple of sand castles, Hayley brought her doll to introduce her to the beach, and we walked for a bit, just enjoying the view.

It would have been great to keep going. There’s a third beach further down that we’ve never reached, but unfortunately it was getting a bit chilly and the wind was picking up so after the second beach we turned around to head for home.

It was amazing just to be there though.

My motto this past week seems to have been, “why be inside when you can be outside?” That followed through to today when we went for a walk around the block this afternoon (it’s much colder now so that was as far as we were willing to go in the wind!). On top of that I went for a morning run four times this week, running on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Yes, I am running. But that is a post for another day.

How was your weekend? Did you get outside at all?

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6 thoughts on “Enjoying Spring in Halifax

  1. eilidhb

    Looks lovely, I miss Halifax… Also Crystal Crescent third beach is a nude beach; not sure if you already knew but worth a heads up just in case!

  2. Sherry Post author

    I do indeed know the third beach is nude, but I figured it wouldn’t matter this early in the year. 😉

    Amanda – that would be good!

  3. Laura

    Lovely photos Sherry. What sort ot camera do you use? It has also been unusually warm this past week in the UK too, and it has given me such a lift to see the sun and feel its warmth again. However, I think our mini heat wave is probably on its way out now, sadly.

  4. Sherry Post author

    Laura – I have a Canon T2i. Our weather got cold and damp again but it’s starting to get better.


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