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Today I took a little bit of time with my coffee to catch up on a few blogs I hadn’t read for about a week and one of them was Carrie’s blog. I am so very happy that I was able to find that quiet time today because thanks to her I have discovered a movie that is now on my list of “Holy shit, I HAVE to see this!” movies.

But first I must ask – WHY WHY WHY did no one tell me about this?! Repo the Genetic Opera. Oh my God. Totally my kind of movie. Here’s the official trailer:

Okay, let’s see. Anthony Stewart Head. Anthony Stewart Head as a legal assassin who, in a futuristic world of organ shortages, repossesses organs if the buyers fall behind in their payments. Anthony Stewart Head SINGING about being a legal organ-harvesting-from-living-people assassin. YES PLEASE.

Paris Hilton has a role in the movie and normally that would totally turn me off but in this case a) she’s so unrecognizable that I only knew it was her because I was looking for her, and b) in the clip I saw, she actually wasn’t bad at all.

And Anthony Stewart Head singing outweighs her anyway.

Aside from the trailer, I urge to to watch this short behind-the-scenes clip. The man is amazing.

There’s also this clip – Zydrate Anatomy – which is incredibly catchy. I keep singing it to myself. It shows Paris Hilton, she comes in at 0:53 and you can see how she’s barely recognizable. (Please note this clip is a little, er, explicit at times so it’s not particularly safe for work or young’uns.)

I’ve been waiting for ASH to sing ever since they did that musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Remember this?

Although, hell, ever since hearing him as Frank n Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to be honest.

Now I just have to (not so) patiently wait until Repo the Genetic Opera comes out on DVD since it’s unlikely that it will play in theaters here. The worst part is that when I checked out info on, it turns out that the movie’s world premiere was right here in Montreal at the Fantasia Film Festival in July. If only I had known!

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3 thoughts on “File this under movies I can not miss

  1. GeorgeMcCumiskey

    Great topic and mixed with the opera concept I would have loved it. But my principles make me refuse to see a movie with Paris Hilton in it showing young women how to dress like sl___. Even you who will tolerate her wish she wasn’t in the move. Her run for prez ad made me want to puke.

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