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For people who like to use information off my website against me, you should note that the camera phone I own was given to me for free from Matchstick, a buzz marketing company in exchange for promising to use the different features and to review it. I DID NOT BUY THE PHONE. The last time I turned my pockets inside out or shook my wallet upside down, $350+ did not fall out. I would not have bought the phone because it’s about $345 out of my budget.

If it seems implausible that someone would give me a phone for free, you can read about other people in Canada who have received the same deal from Matchstick such as Rannie (who also mentioned the criteria required to get one yourself right here) fellow Montrealer Long, and other Toronto folks like Kelly, Blaine, Sameer, and probably countless other lucky people if you search on Google for it.

I get over 400 hits a day and I fit their profile of bloggers that they were looking for to spread the word about the phone. And that is the only reason that I have it.

If people would like to continue taking things from my website, making assumptions, and holding it against me (or my family) in any way, their IP will be added to my blacklist and thus banned from reading this site. This website is a place for me to talk about how awesome my kids are, poke fun at my own life from time to time, and to express myself in a creative venue. Thanks to this blog I’ve been able to find the confidence to seek out publishing opportunities, something I might have not done in the past. Unfortunately for me, if keeping this site no longer becomes fun because of these people, I will just have to shut it down altogether because it’s frankly not worth the fucking hassle.

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