Friday Flashback # 13 – Like A Prayer

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I could pretty much do an entire segment of Madonna flashbacks because I was such a huge Madonna fan throughout my teen years (still am, but not quite as hardcore now). I still remember standing on a window ledge in my grandmother’s house, a ledge that was actually huge and very much like a stage, and I would sing loudly to “Like a Virgin”, dancing around and having no actual understanding of what I was singing. I never knew if my parents were appalled or amused.

I could also feature some of my other favorites like “La Isla Bonita” or “Material Girl” but I had to choose one and I went with “Like a Prayer”.

I think that was my first real experience with controversy and it immediately sparked a life-long curiosity for anything deemed “unacceptable” by a specific group of people. And between Madonna gyrating around a church in lingerie, accidentally cutting her hands to create the same cuts as Jesus had when he was crucified, a statue crying and later crying blood tears, bringing a statue to life, and dancing in front of burning crosses, well there was a lot for people to get up in arms I suppose.

And oh my God, I loved that video. I loved the video, loved the song, hated when the video was pulled from video stations, and loved when they brought it back – usually for some kind of “controversial videos” special.

So yay for the Internet, because then you don’t have to wait for MTV to feature it on one of their lame shows.

(I also think I may be one of the few people who loves Madonna as a natural brunette – I still think she looks amazing in this video!)

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3 thoughts on “Friday Flashback # 13 – Like A Prayer

  1. Stacey Lee

    I have also been and still is a big fan of Madonna and I like her song Like A Prayer, but I never like this video of hers. I love some of her videos but this one, I really don’t.

  2. Richard Walker

    I never cared for Madonna until she sang a ballad. I watched, heard and said, “Wow – that gal can SING.”

  3. GeorgeMcCumiskey

    Controversy coming at you again.

    Madonna is to “Like a Virgin” what a suicide bomber is to “peace”

    But I respect your right to be a fan, just had to voice my opinion.

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