Getting closer, one box at a time

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Now that I’ve come forth and told the Internet that we’re moving to Halifax, I figured I could keep people up to speed on our progress (102 days to go, by the way!). We’ve lived in this same apartment for 12 years and as you can imagine that means accumulating a lot of flotsam and jetsam. When you’re staying put it’s easy to ignore the individual items taking up space even while you notice that you’re rapidly outgrowing your home. However when it comes time to actually pick things up and pack them in boxes to later be loaded on a truck and moved it’s much easier to stop and think about what you really need and/or love versus what you just have simply because it’s there.

With this being a bigger move than just heading to a different neighborhood I have to be careful and consider whether I *really* want to bring something with me. The truck we’ve rented is a 17′ cube truck from U-Haul and once it’s full that’s it. We can fit some things in the minivan but it’s a long-ass drive; we don’t want to be crammed and uncomfortable for all that time. If we were moving nearby we could do multiple trips but since it’s a 14-15 hour drive this is a one-shot deal. We’re not coming back for a second load.

I’ve done quite a bit of purging. Some stuff is going to the Salvation Army; I’m especially looking forward to unloading clothing that the kids have outgrown or that I no longer wear, as well as a ridiculous amount of books. The books will be a difficult purge, I’m kind of attached to them but I have to be realistic about how many I really need to keep.

Other stuff is being sold. We sold an insanely huge air conditioner and we also sold our dining set. The couple who bought it want to strip it and re-finish it so I’m really happy they were the ones to buy it. They have a small pickup truck at their disposal on the weekends so they’re taking it bit by bit, but so far they’ve taken the table and all the chairs (and now we eat in the living room, which is fine temporarily).

Still more things are just being pitched. This may sound petty but there are two people who are no longer friends of ours and it was just a really negative ending to a long-time friendship; over the years they gave us a lot of things and I just felt like I had a need to get rid of it all because of the now unhappy memories attached to those items. Thus, I pulled out a big garbage bag and wandered through the apartment pretty much tossing in everything that they gave us. Like I said, that initially sounds petty but it was very freeing for me.

Aside from purging, I’ve also packed several boxes up and put them in the spot where our table used to live.

Getting started

Not only are they packed, but I’m trying my hardest to be organized with this. Since we’re staying with family to start off, we’ll be storing the vast majority of our boxes and furniture and there’s no way to know exactly how long it will be before we move into our own place. After all that time there’s no way I’ll remember what items are in which box so I’m numbering them, color coding them by room, and keeping a list of what’s in each one. That way if I find myself wondering where the hell I put “XYZ” I can open the document up, do a search, and know that it’s in box #17.

The only reason I’ve stopped packing for now is because I ran out of boxes. I had these ones leftover from our last move back in July 2000 (that was fun NOT, carrying stuff down from the second floor, walking across the courtyard, and then back up four flights of stairs!) but we only had five. I am dying to get more so I can continue packing up stuff we want but don’t necessarily need to keep out over the next three and a half months.

So much to do and even though that seems like a long time, it’s really not that far away. Busy busy! Meanwhile we’ve officially sent in a letter to the landlord letting him know that we aren’t renewing our lease for next year. He was hoping we’d be leaving early in the month of June. He told me he’d be willing to make an arrangement with us (meaning a lower rent for that last month) if that was the case because then he could come in and do some renovations and repairs before new tenants move in.

Um, yeah. Sorry. We can’t leave until after Hayley’s finished school (did he really think we’d pull her out of school a few weeks before the end of the year?!). Besides, he had plenty of time to renovate and repair every time that we complained about something. If he didn’t have the inclination to do it for us then he can bloody well wait and make arrangements with the new tenants.


In completely unrelated news, I posted a review for some NAOT shoes over here. Spoiler: I love them.

And in more unrelated news, I can not possibly explain to you why this video makes me laugh so hard that I cry. It just does. Warning: One moment of swearing, just in case you’re not into that.

Fuckin’ Tea

On that note I think I’ll go do some more purging and some tidying up since I know Murphy’s Law says someone will want to see the apartment if it’s covered in toys.

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2 thoughts on “Getting closer, one box at a time

  1. Mia

    I’m preparing to move to in a new apartment, and only when i think of the boxes and all the cleaning…I’m already feeling tired. I’ll take everything one step at a time and see how it goes.

  2. June


    I can’t help but want to look at the star nipples…hehehehe…

    Purging is wonderful~Especially when you get rid of the negative 🙂

    You sound so well organized – box #17 eh? Ohhh boy! We’re very excited for you guys ~ saw George for a brief instant today ~ he had on a NS sweatshirt ~ It’s so cool that this is really happening!

    All the best getting there babe 🙂



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