Getting closer

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According to the pregnancy script, I only have 100 days to go until my due date. It seems like such a big number, but once tomorrow rolls around and I’m down to double digits it will feel like it’s not that far away.

(To prove that I am a true HP geek, if my due date is in 100 days then that means there are only 99 days until “Goblet of Fire” comes out in theaters. Which, incidentally, is why this baby is “not allowed” to be born early, because I intend on having my big pregnant self parked in front of a big screen with a pack of nachos on my lap on November 20th.)

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2 thoughts on “Getting closer

  1. Spring

    Mm. Harry Potter.


    It doesn’t seem possible that you’ve roughly got 100 days left. It’s a shame my own pregnancy never flew by this fast.

  2. kristin

    It may be better for the baby to come two weeks early, then you won’t have to PEE during the movie. Since newborns nurse and sleep so much, you could potentially have the new babe with you and no one would know the difference! Of course if the baby is on your lap, where will you put the nachos?

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