Getting through bad weather with a Cougar

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No, I’m not recommending the pairing of a young man and a older woman as a coping mechanism for rainy days and endless winter blizzards. If that helps you get through until the next sunny day then more power to you, but no, I’m actually referring to Cougar, the well-known footwear company that has been popular for years for a very good reason.

The reason for that, in fact, is because Cougar consistently makes excellent boots that keep your feet dry, warm, and have enough tread to prevent you from winding up flat on your back on an icy sidewalk. But are they stylish?

Matchstick, a fabulous word-of-mouth marketing company sent me two complimentary pairs of boots so that I could find out for myself. I was really excited to be a part of this campaign because if there’s one thing we have a lot of in Canada it’s weather. Wet weather, cold weather, snowy weather, icy weather, and then sometimes we get a few months of hot weather in the summer. With winter fast approaching though, I was already thinking about the best boots to stay warm and dry that would be cute enough for me to want to wear them, but without sacrificing safety – owning a dog means that I’d like a good tread so that I’m not risking my life every time I take her for a walk.

Cougar sent me a great care package in order to do my review. It included winter boots, rain boots, a hoodie, a (ginormous) mug, and four packs of hot chocolate all, as they said, to “keep me warm”. Before I get into talking about the boots I’d like to offer a heads’ up to other PR reps out there, specifically the ones who want reviews and published press releases without any other method of reaching out to bloggers: Take a cue from Cougar. I couldn’t review boots without actually trying them so it was necessary for them to send me a pair of each type. However, they had no need to send the hoodie, mug, and hot chocolate. That was just a nice bonus that makes bloggers feel like we’re appreciated and it’s a fabulous gesture. This is an example of a company that does blogger outreach the RIGHT way.

In an example of stellar timing, it was pouring rain the day that my boots arrived so for the first time in over two decades I slid my feet into a pair of rubber boots and took the dog for a walk. Cougar sent me the Tibet rain boots in black and they do everything they claim.

Rain boots

I braved the rain – something I don’t much enjoy – for a boisterous walk in a soaking wet, muddy field for half an hour (the dog was thrilled since she doesn’t share my aversion to rain) just so I could see for myself whether these boots could really stand up to their statement of being waterproof.

Rain boots

My feet were sweaty from walking quickly but they weren’t wet. The inside of my boots were bone dry. I had even purposely hopped through big puddles instead of going around, just to see if I could detect a weak seam anywhere, but there was not a drop that got through.

I wasn’t 100% sold on the faux sock at first but you know, it’s growing on me and if I don’t feel like wearing it on the outside of my pants, I can just tuck it inside, giving me an extra bit of warmth on a chilly, rainy day. I’m in love with my rain boots and have worn them every time we’ve gotten any rain ever since; it was very nice to have dry feet while volunteering up at the school instead of damp socks and soggy running shoes like I usually do on a rainy day!

Now for the winter boots. Oh, Canada, how we need good winter boots up here. This winter in particular is supposed to be quite a doozy with more snowstorms than we got last year so I am very much looking forward to really giving my new winter boots – Ravishing in black – a proper test run. In the spirit of full disclosure I haven’t been able to really try these boots out to their full potential yet because we haven’t had any snow beyond that light overnight dusting that we got over Halloween. There hasn’t been a single flake since and the temperatures have been unseasonably warm, up in the double digits.

Winter boots

However, I did wear them out one night when the temps had dipped down – again while walking the dog. It was cold enough that I figured it was my best shot for trying them out. First of all, the comfort level of these boots is just ridiculous. They’re so soft and cozy inside that it’s possible I may not take them off all winter no matter what the street looks like.

Fuzzy winter boots

As I’ve already mentioned, tread is also important to me and you can see just how good and thick it is on these boots. I confess to being a bit of a “Nervous Nellie” when I venture out on icy sidewalks (I blame my mother, I think it’s a genetic quirk) and having studied these treads, I think I’ll be a lot more confident this season. I don’t see myself sprinting down the street in an ice storm but at least I won’t be convinced I’m about to fall on my face at every step.

What I especially love is that they are stunning. Winter boots around here can be a tricky purchase. It seems you either end up with killer boots that look great but leave your toes frozen and have zero traction, only good for getting in and out of your car, or you can buy super warm and safe boots that are butt ugly. Cougar has managed to pair up stylish and functional and I really appreciate that. I may not be a teenager anymore but I still like to look nice and I’m happy that my feet will be warm, they’ll stay on the ground where they belong, and yet I won’t feel like I’m traipsing around in mountain boots.

Overall, I have to say that I’m impressed by both pairs. The other thing is that Cougar doesn’t skimp on quality so these boots should last me several seasons for sure.

If you’re in the market for boots for yourself I highly recommend them and you can check to see which retailer is closest to you by clicking over here. The Tibet (rain) boots sell for about $75 and the Ravishing (winter) boots sell for about $175.

(And for the record, the hoodie was too big for my short self so I gave it to George and he loves it. The mug is perfect for my gigantic cup of peppermint tea at night, and although I would probably enjoy the hot chocolate too I was vetoed by both the kids who claimed all the packs as their own and have loved it so far!)

A huge thank you to Cougar and to Matchstick for organizing a great campaign!

Please take a moment to answer this super-short (less than two minutes!) feedback survey; Matchstick will very generously donate $2 to the Red Cross if you do.

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  1. Mia

    I really need to buy some winter boots, but taking into account that the weather is still pretty warm i think i’m going to postpone this activity just a bit.


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