Giant effin’ Q

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I had fully intended to write about Breanna’s party and share the pictures but apparently this afternoon I got hit by a bus, or at least that’s how it feels. Good lord. I had a mild scratchy feeling in my throat so I made myself some carrot-apple-ginger juice in the hopes of kicking its ass. However, all my energy has been draining away into nothingness ever since.

So instead I’m going to read the absolutely terrible book that I’m devouring because I strangely can’t put it down even though I think it may have been written by a 15-year-old girl who has never kissed anyone, let alone been laid, and thinks that Stephanie Meyer should with the Pulitzer. (I’m reading Alice in Zombieland, in case you’re wondering. It’s just seriously mediocre writing, but the story premise is intriguing and so I keep reading.) Then I’m going to watch The Walking Dead so I can enjoy some well-written zombie lore.

After that, I shall go to bed and dream about the days when I used to be able to take cold medication. Unfortunately, I find that in recent years that stuff makes me too jittery and weird so I steer clear of anything stronger than Vicks Vaporub or Halls cough drops. I sure do miss my beloved NyQuil though.

Ah yes. The giant Q. A fine cold buster right there. Oh well, I’m sure plain Advil, Vicks rubbed on my forehead, and a bit of sleep will work just as well. Right?

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