God bless the Internet

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There are so many reasons to love the Internet. Staying in touch with family, creating a community by sharing parts of your life online, looking information up on the fly (what was life before IMDB? How else can you answer the question, “oh crap, what movie was that guy in again?” without having an aneurysm?), and so on and so forth.

And another great reason to love the Internet is because then you can see stuff like “Proposition 8: The Musical”!

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

God, I love Neil Patrick Harris so very much.

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2 thoughts on “God bless the Internet

  1. Hecticmom Undone

    You know, this is the second time I’ve seen this posted today. I so wish I had seen this before the election.

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO! “Love not hate…” Anyway, I made my views very clear about prop 8 (I actually LIVE in CA where this stupid prop was voted in.)

    Anyway, thanks for posting. I really like this one.

    Hecticmom Undones last blog post..Stumped

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