Holiday pranksters

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My manager wasn’t at work today. She alerted us on Tuesday that she had the day off. Okay, no big deal. Then this morning one of my co-workers sent out a message to the rest of us saying, “hey we should do this prank while she’s away!” and she attached the following picture:

Well. I was all over that. So she and I teamed up and while we didn’t have her office looking quite that hilarious, it’s still pretty damn good. She wrapped up the printer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I wrapped up her chair, foot stool, calendar, and cup full of pens. On the back of the chair I made a gift tag that wishes her a very Merry Christmas. It looks a little like this:

Every time I walked by it I giggled. So did a lot of other people.

Thank goodness my manager has a pretty good sense of humour. I hope.

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