Holidays are making me flip upside down

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This weekend one of our Advent activities was to put up the tree. I hate to admit it but nothing ruins my holiday spirit quite like setting up the tree with the lights – even with a pre-lit tree! One section of our tree’s lights ended up being burnt out so George had to buy a small string for me to weave around that one area, and that worked fine.




Luckily then we were able to move on to the part I truly do love which is decorating the tree. We put on some Christmas music on the television, I made myself a cup of Chai tea, and we went at the tree with every ornament, string of beads, and bit of tinsel that we have.

All done


Lit up

In the end it looked great and I was very happy to hang out by the tree for the rest of the evening. We also had a string of lights that wasn’t really going to work in the window so I wrapped it around one of our lamps instead and it makes the living room look so cheerful.

That was yesterday and then today I decided that after almost two years of practicing near-daily yoga, it was time to confront my fear of headstands, well, head-on. I blame Bex who was working on the same thing today.

It worked. I still have to get more comfortable with it and learn to get my legs up higher in a full headstand, but baby steps work for me for now. I did a headstand once (halfway like I did today) back in April of 2010 and then I suddenly became terrified and wasn’t able to bring myself to do it again. Part of my problem was I had needed to hop up and I know you aren’t supposed to hop into a headstand (or any inversion really other than maybe a handstand), and I couldn’t figure out how to just bring my legs up without it.

I’ll keep working on it but for today, well, my clap at the end of the video pretty much says it all.

How was your weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Holidays are making me flip upside down

  1. Mary Ann

    My weekend certainly not as busy as yours. Sherry the decorations look great and the girls looked so pretty. As for your headstand, that is just a memory to me. Enjoy the lead up to the holidays.

  2. Richard L Walker

    You’re probably a LOT more fit today than you were back then and ready to start practicing without the hop. Good luck.


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