How is this kid eight already?

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I haven’t quite been able to figure out the inner workings of time now that I’m a mother. Somehow eight years end up feeling more like eight months – if that. Last Monday Hayley somehow hit the age of eight and for some reason eight just sounds so much BIGGER than seven was. Eight is the second to last year of single digits. It’s crazy to think that it’s even remotely possible that I’m a mother of an eight-year-old child.

And yet it’s very true that she went from this:

Hayley, first day

To this, in the blink of an eye:

After school

Despite it being a school day, I think she had a pretty good birthday. For one thing, it started off with scrambled eggs which is something I don’t normally do at 6:30 in the morning. We also got her a big box of TimBits to take into class for sharing. When you’re celebrating your birthday it’s announced in the morning message over the loudspeaker and you get to go see the principal for a sticker and a toy so that made her very happy.

She also got some nice gifts that day. My sister sent a gift card for Toys R Us, her grandparents gave her the Justin Bieber CD, and Breanna went to the store with George and picked out a teddy bear to give her.



And I apologize if you were frightened by a loud scream that day because that was what came out of her mouth when she opened up the gift bag from us.

Big girl

Bieber Fever

I would have screamed too. That’s kind of the way I felt the year that I got my telephoto lens for my birthday, so I understand.

The day ended with some homework (not too much, thankfully), her specially requested supper (George’s curry chicken with sweet potatoes), and some computer time on her new laptop. Not bad at all.

On the weekend we had a double party for her. First we invited some kids to come over for games, hot dogs, pizza, and cake. They liked a couple of the games (the “what’s missing” game and freeze dancing) but overall they just wanted to play and have fun. The ladybug cake was a hit again.

Make a wish!

After supper was over we had family and long-time family friends over for the evening. It was nice and laid back with snack-type foods (cold tomato pizza, cheese, pate, crackers, chips, vegetable platter, etc) and adult beverages, and the kids just played together all night. The party actually lasted until midnight and I was amazed that there weren’t any meltdowns after the sugar crash.

You can see all the pictures over here; some photos are friends-only.

It was a great time and we spent Sunday just taking it easy. I had done a lot of cleaning up late in the evening so when I got up in the morning there wasn’t a ton of stuff to do other than vacuuming and putting a few things away. Hayley was tired enough that she spent part of her morning wrapped up in a blanket and playing games.


Now I get a two-month break before I get to do it all over again for Breanna when she turns five!

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5 thoughts on “How is this kid eight already?

  1. Shirley T

    happy birthday Hayley. I remember the day you were born I was so excited for your Momma. I followed her blog all the way through pregnancy.Wasn’t that just last month? Still read, just don’t comment often. Ol’ man Arthir in my fingers and I’m lazy.

  2. Shirley T

    Happy birthday Hayley. I remember that day very well. I was so excited for your Momma. I followed her blog all the way through her pregnancy. Hope you had a great day.


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