How to work from home without imploding

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People often ask me about working from home, mostly out of curiosity. They wonder how I do it or what it’s like. Every once in awhile I get a vibe that someone thinks I’m sitting around in pajamas all day, lazily tapping at my keyboard when in actual fact it’s a lot of work. Mostly though, people genuinely want to know and will ask how I go about it.

I laid it all out over here where Deborah Ng was kind enough to host my list of tips. If you’re just starting out with some work-from-home jobs or would like to, you might find some good ideas.

I also reviewed a great anthology with stories collected from around the mom blogs, called Sleep is for the Weak and I tell you why it’s great to read right here.


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7 thoughts on “How to work from home without imploding

  1. Chrissy

    Those are really great suggestions. I work in an office, but I do sometimes need to get work done at home and it can definitely be harder to focus. I have a work laptop, so when I’m home, even though it’s easier to jump on my home desktop, I make sure I use the laptop to get things done. Otherwise I’d be distracted by everything else I’d normally be doing on the home computer.

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  2. Mary

    This was a great post – and so familiar! I work from home, too, doing freelance copy writing (as well as fiction writing), and sometimes find myself working until 2am because I’ve slacked off too much during the day. I’m also a fellow Canuck! I’m adding you to my Bloglines! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Nicole

    I’ve only just started working from home, one day a week, but I have to say, boy can I get a lot done without the distractions! And the day goes by faster too. I wouldn’t want to do it full-time, though, because after being home all day I want to go out and of course my husband does not, and neither would I had I been at work.

  4. Woody

    I would add one more which you kind of touched when you talked about eating healthy. I have been working from home a few days a week for the past month. When you get up and go to work at the office you get that walk from the parking lot or the bus stop to work, you go up and down the stairs a few times and do numerous laps around the office.

    You don’t get that working at home. Take your coffee break and walk around the block for 10 minutes and get back that bit of exercise that you are missing.

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