Impromptu Saturday plans

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One thing that I love about living in a house instead of our old apartment is that it’s much more conducive to entertaining. In our old place we used to have people over for birthday parties and once in a blue moon we’d have one person over for supper, but that was about it. We’ve already entertained more here in the past five months than we did in five years.

Something that I’ve always loved is impromptu plans. I loved having nothing in particular to do and then suddenly being invited over for dinner and laughs with good friends. This weekend George’s sister is in town and we picked her up from the airport with the intention of just hanging out, having some tacos, and maybe having a couple of people over for a couple of hours.

Instead we ended up having a houseful of people, including two kids for Hayley and Breanna to play with, we all ate supper, and nearly cried from laughing so hard at all the joking around that was going on. Had I planned ahead I probably would have been mildly stressed (not too much, but a little bit I’m sure), but since it was all an impromptu afternoon and evening it just ended up being a good time without any worrying.

The rest of my weekend involves a little more of the same; some brunch with my family tomorrow morning, relaxing in the early afternoon (maybe some yoga?), introducing my sister-in-law to the carrot-apple-celery-ginger juice, and then having some people over for a good old Sunday night roasted something or other dinner.

That works for me as far as weekend plans go.

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3 thoughts on “Impromptu Saturday plans

  1. Mary Ann Torres

    Family weekends are the best. Love sitting around and watching my children with their families. Glad that you are enjoying the weekends also and then share with us.


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