Is winter over yet?

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I shouldn’t complain, because honestly this winter hasn’t been that bad at all for Montreal. We’ve had very few snowstorms, and there is currently so little snow outside that George wears shoes instead of boots. Even the temperatures haven’t been bad at all and I’ve only worn my real winter coat a handful of times.

But I still can’t wait for spring to get here. I know that spring leads to summer which brings about more humidity than you can shake a stick at, but spring will be nice. Even with the above-average temperatures, it’s still cold enough that I can’t take Breanna out for very long and even Hayley can’t go out and play because with the rain and whatnot, all the areas we would normally play in are covered in a sheet of ice. I’m getting a little bit of cabin fever at this point and I really need nicer weather to come around so I can bundle Breanna up and take both the girls outside where we can see something besides walls.

It’s bad enough that last Thursday, in desperation, I suggested we go to McDonalds for lunch just so that Hayley could run and jump and climb on all the stuff in the play area. She went and had fun for an hour and barely even ate anything; she ended up bringing almost all of her lunch home and eating it here. I didn’t care, I was just happy that she got a bit of an energy release.

In the meantime, we’re having a good time with crafts. I emptied out one cupboard in our buffet and put all of Hayley’s craft stuff (except for the paper which is on the shelves in the living room) in there. She loves being able to get her own stuff out and today she was randomly gluing foam animals to construction paper. She’s even pretty good about putting it all away. And on Saturday I cut out a bunch of paper hearts for her, which she then immediately covered in glue and glitter to make Valentines for all her friends. Today we put them in envelopes, I addressed them, and she signed her name on the back (I love how little kids write the letter Y backwards) and George delivered them to everyone after work.

Thank goodness she likes crafts otherwise she’d probably be losing her mind too over this winter crap.

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