It’s going to be a strange week

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I am so utterly confused by this week. I’ve been off since it started. Monday was a ped day so Hayley was home, making for a long weekend. That meant that Tuesday felt like the beginning of the week to me. Last night she couldn’t sleep because she didn’t feel well and she was feverish this morning so she stayed home today with some random ailment (much like the one Breanna had on Friday and Saturday) – this messed me up further.

I actually thought that today was Tuesday and nearly forgot to do a chunk of work that I normally do on Wednesdays. Oops.

Tomorrow may wreak further havoc on my grasp of the weekly calendar since it started snowing sometime between walking the dog at 6:30 am and getting back up at 8:30. It’s been coming down like crazy and they’re figuring on anywhere between 20 to 30 cm by the time it stops tomorrow. If it keeps coming down as heavy as it has been, there may be a snow day. The local news said it will be the biggest snow storm we’ve had in Montreal so far this winter, and we’ve already had a snow day once so it’s quite likely. I took the dog out at 9 pm and there were absolutely no sidewalks thanks to the plows and the street was slippery.

I intend to listen to the radio on my iPod in bed tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off at 6:15 to hear if there are any cancellations. I don’t want to wake everyone up only to find out the school’s closed after I’ve already served breakfast. I wish school boards could look at the 10 pm conditions and the overnight forecast and make a decision by the 11 o’clock news so I could just turn my alarm off altogether. Alas.

Whether the school is shut down or not, I’m hoping the roads will be relatively passable by 11 am because I have an eye appointment. I figure it’s about time it’s only been, uh, nine years since my last one. Cripes. Also, it’s not just a regular eye appointment, I’m being fitted for contacts again and I can’t tell you how badly I want those again. I have missed them and seriously despise wearing glasses. I needed to do something anyway since I find myself getting randomly light-headed and nauseous (and no, I am not pregnant). I think my vision may have changed and also that my glasses have gotten old and bent out of shape too many times and it’s affecting me in that way. I have more headaches than usual as well, so this was a really good idea.

I’m trying not to be too hopeful about it, but I’m still crossing my fingers that they’ll be able to give me my trial pair of contacts right away when we’re done tomorrow. It’s not all that likely because in all the years that I wore contacts, no one has ever had my stupidly awful prescription strength in stock; they’ve always had to order them in. It shouldn’t take long, less than a week, but I would really like to have them immediately. I’d like to stick my glasses into a case and walk out with little plastic discs pressed firmly against my eyeballs please and thank you.

I told George that I guess I’m just not ready to give up on vanity yet. I thought that maybe I could deal with wearing glasses but I can’t. I realize that this is an issue that dates back many years, back to early high school, probably even elementary school – and it’s just towards myself. I think that glasses look fabulous on the vast majority of people who wear them but on me? I can’t stand them.

Plus there are other perks to contacts. I can put makeup on more easily since I can see what I’m doing. When your prescription is as bad as mine is, taking your glasses off to put on eye makeup is a challenge. I will have peripheral vision again. Of course I can see shapes and whatnot out of the corner of my eyes now but it’s all very blurry and abstract. With contacts I see perfectly in all directions at all times. And considering winter will probably continue for another six months or something, it will be nice to walk back inside after being out in the cold and not have my lenses fog up on me. (I wondered about that when I was 17 and got my first contacts – would they fog up? But no, they do not. And thank God because wouldn’t that look really weird and zombie-like?)

So here’s hoping that I will be glasses-free tomorrow. And if not, well it shouldn’t be more than this time next week. Please let the roads be clear enough to drive!


Speaking of winter and snow and cold – is anyone else finding that January is The Month That Will Not Die? Usually March does that to me. March is the month where I am officially fed up of winter to the point that I have to restrain myself from climbing into a bell tower with a high powered assault rifle. It teases just enough that spring is on the way and then it dumps a metric ton of snow on your head. It goes on forever.

But this year I’m finding that it’s been January for a bloody eternity. October, November, and December combined passed more quickly than this month. Thank god it’s almost over now because it’s starting to feel like some sort of weird occult phenomenon and January just isn’t going to end. Ever.

And with the storm blasting outside right now, that would be a very bad thing.

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1 thought on “It’s going to be a strange week

  1. Kim

    Oh yeah, me too. Thank the goddesses the snow stopped. I shovelled and shovelled then this morning I shovelled another two hours. Last time I was fitted with a new eye glass prescription I did get offered new (disposable) contact lenses right away. If you are getting disposables, they make them so generic and so thin now that they usually have every presciption. Unless your doctor is Mr. Magoo. I hope everything went well today. All those symptoms sound like a new prescription is needed. Last April I had laser eye surgery and now I just use reading glasses. After decades of contacts and glasses, I’m lovin’ it.

    Kims last blog post..Snowmageddon Revisited

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