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I am tired. Really, really tired. I’ve gotten so used to being at home that when I change up my routine it apparently slays me. This morning I was up early and went to Hayley’s school to help set up the PPO’s used toy sale. We collect used toys that are still in good shape and have all their pieces, price them between 25 cents and three bucks, and set them up on tables. Then kids get to come and purchase some toys for themselves or as gifts for siblings and the money raised goes into the PPO which is then used for more fun activities at the school; anything left over from the sale is donated to a local charity.

The sale is tomorrow so I spent a few hours with two other moms and a few great grade six kids getting it all ready. I’m wiped out and I even went to bed a little before 11 last night, having an excellent sleep. It’s almost pathetic how easily a new routine wears me out. I can’t wait to see how exhausted I am tomorrow since I’m going back to help out at the actual sale until lunchtime. I should be comatose this time tomorrow.

So instead of a highly entertaining entry, here are some random thoughts for you.

  • If it wasn’t Christmas and I didn’t need to do things like, you know, shop for OTHER people I would love to use a wee bit of money to get myself this book. I’ve been reading Kate’s blog for ages and so I know that she’s a ridiculously gifted storyteller, the kind that I wish I could be, so I can only imagine how amazing her pirate book must be. Hopefully they won’t all sell out before I can finally get a copy for myself!
  • Did I mention I have a new blogging job? I honestly can’t remember. I am too tired to go check. Anyway, if I didn’t, yes! I am blogging somewhere new now. Apparently all my obsessive behaviour about American Idol is finally paying off. My good friend decided to step down because she’s pursuing a different career path and I was lucky enough to be able to take the helm at Idol Stalker. I was already looking forward to next season, now I’m practically doing backflips over it.
  • We’ve been keeping up with the advent calendar activities. We’ve done such things as making hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows (the 9th), seeing the Olympic torch (the 10th), family Christmas movie night (the 11th, which ended up being bumped in favor of family visit night), spending the day and evening with their aunt and grandparents (the 12th), and watching “the funny show” which is what Breanna calls “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (the 13th). Sounds weird, that last one, but we caught it a couple of weeks ago and the kids laughed so hard that I thought it would be a fun one to end the weekend.
  • Today’s activity was to watch the movie that we missed on Friday; we recorded the new Muppet Christmas special “Letters to Santa” and it was so cute. I love the Muppets!

That’s about all my sleepy brain can handle. So let me ask you a question – who’s your favorite Muppet? I have trouble picking one. I love Animal because he’s crazy, Beaker because he’s adorable, and the grumpy old guys in the balcony because they always make me laugh. If I was hard-pressed to choose though, I’d probably go with Kermit. What can I say? It’s not easy being green but Kermit never fails to make me smile.

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3 thoughts on “Just some random passing thoughts

  1. Richard L Walker

    Kermit, Bert and Ernie are my favorites although it seems they are all needed in order for the Muppets to be able to do their thing. Where would Miss Piggy be without other Muppets around? Love ’em.

  2. Jenny

    I’m with Miss Piggy all the way. she was my favorite character when i was three, my idol, my star. oh, the graciousness of chunky girls on heels! 🙂

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