Learning to read

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I still remember back when Hayley first started to learn to read back in 2008. It was so exciting to hear her putting those words together and making the connections of the sounds.


(And wow, is she ever small in that picture!)

Breanna doesn’t quite read fully yet but she’s starting to recognize words and as a result of that combined with some memorization, she’s just about there. Every Monday morning each kid in her class picks a small basket of books for the week. From that basket she picks two books to bring home to read.

Since I’m not home to do reading at bedtime I read to her every morning before school and fill out her reading log for her. Sometimes, though, she reads to me. She got a book called Hedgehog is Hungry on Thursday, practiced it a few times at school, then read it to me this morning when we finished doing breakfast and getting ready.

I love listening to her read to me.

If you’re curious, Hayley does all her reading at night. She reads chapters in her books or flips through a handful of her old favorite storybooks. Therefore, her thing in the morning is that she gets ready for school and as long as she’s all done in time she can play on the computer for about ten minutes.

Growing up is sad sometimes because you kind of want them to stay little, but learning to read is pretty exciting.


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