Let It Rain*

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It’s pouring outside. I mean full-on crazy pouring. It started to rain while I was at work and I was kicking myself for not bringing my umbrella with me. I didn’t even have my hood attached to my coat. It wasn’t the end of the world, the bus was coming as I ran up to the bus stop to come home so I didn’t get too drenched.

Rushing home from the bus stop to my front door I got a little more soaked and when I walked in I announced to George that, “tonight the part of Sherry Osborne will be played by a drowned rat.” It was much heavier about half an hour later though, so in the end it was good timing that I got home when I did.

Now that it’s almost 11 pm I can hear the rain beating against the windows and the wind is loud enough that I hear it shaking the house. If it wasn’t mid-December I’d swear it was a hurricane or at least a tropical storm. I don’t mind though. I mean, I might mind if it’s still like this when I have to go out to work in the morning. Right now though, it’s not bothering me.

When I was growing up we spent all our weekends, holidays, and summers an hour north of Montreal at my grandmother’s house. Rainy nights were the best there; she had a tin roof and when I’d go to bed I could hear the rain going tink-tink-tink until I drifted off and fell asleep. Rainy days weren’t so bad either because that meant curling up with a book or magazine and listening to that same sound.

Forget cat on a hot tin roof. All I miss is raindrops on a wet tin roof.

I don’t normally have trouble sleeping. Tonight I’ll sleep even better than usual while the wind blasts the side of the house and the windows shake with the rain.

*Title yoinked from this song:

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