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Life near the ocean

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Recently our good friends Dino, Nancy, and their daughter all came out to Halifax for their vacation time and we had such a great time. Obviously I couldn’t be around all the time because of when I started work but it was okay and I got to spend evenings with them. Two particularly fun times were Natal Day (August 1st), and the following Saturday, August 6th. We all headed out to Crystal Crescent Beach and having never been there either, I really didn’t know what to expect. Let me put it this way: Lawrencetown Beach was my number one favorite ocean spot for years, but it has now been bumped down to the second place slot. Crystal Crescent is stupidly gorgeous. The first time we went it was foggy and it was STILL amazing. Then we went back the second time and it was clear, and it was even more beautiful.


The real reason that we moved to Halifax was to have better opportunities, a fresh start, and a good future for our family of four. However, I often joke that I moved here for the ocean. It’s not too hard to believe that though, is it?



It also makes yoga feel that much more fun (and considering my love of yoga, that’s saying something!).




It’s within such a short driving distance that it’s almost ridiculous. This beach definitely falls into the category of, “Do I really LIVE here?! Seriously?”




I can’t wait to go back.

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Sherry Osborne

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  1. _vTg_

    They do look like impressive beaches! We lived in Colorado for two years and I was surprised that the absence of a coast started to get to me, even though I’m not really a “beach person”. Mind you, now I miss the mountains…. 🙂

    15 . Aug . 2011
  2. Mia

    Yup, i would definitely move there for the ocean. Life near the sea or ocean has a certain charm and it offers so much of its vitality.

    16 . Aug . 2011
  3. Amy @Palm Valley Ranch

    Oh! Life near the ocean- I really dreamed a life like this. You know, resting in a house beside the shore with fresh air. It feels like refreshing and so relaxing. I think, I’m becoming a beach person now.

    29 . Sep . 2011
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